Whale Massacres: Is It Simple Ignorance?

12 May

     I thought I’d seen most everything at my age that there is to see in this world, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Naive… I saw something recently that made me so sick to my stomach that I truly thought that I would hurl in between tears. I try very hard to understand people, and try to understand why they think the way that they do, but in this case I cannot help but wonder if it’s a simple, tragic case of ignorance.  Then I say to myself, no, there is no way that this can be just ignorance, stupidity, or lack of an education.

     How sad and devastating it is that someday the future generations will only know certain animals by seeing a picture of them in a book (if even that fortunate). Take a minute or two to go and research how many animals are on the endangered list – and at the rate this world is going, a heck of a lot more will be added soon.  It’s by land, air, and yes the sea; the killing is everywhere all around us and not much is off limits.  We can’t rely on the government to do it all (we’re lucky if they protect any wildlife), ‘We the People’ have got to take a stand and do our part to create/improve animal rights (all animals).

     I watch Whale Wars and, let me tell you, that’s what I referred to earlier that made me physically sick to my stomach. To literally slaughter all of those magnificent Pilot whales is a travesty!  How dare any group of people take part in an outright massacre and then attempt to justify such behavior by saying that they have to eat!  The guy that said, “Who’s going to feed this nation, are you!”  How dare him! Go to the store (you do have stores there, don’t you?) and pay for the meat like the rest of us do. Catch some fish and sell it in the stores or go and buy it from a store!  To murder entire families of such beautiful, intelligent, peaceful creatures is disgusting, a shame, and a sin.  They are corralled, forced ashore standing no chance whatsoever, being confused – and scared, no doubt – they then have big hooks shoved into them and are stabbed repeatedly until the sea really does run red with their blood!  Don’t dare say that they don’t feel pain either. If someone did this to those butchers, would they feel it? You’re damned right they would!

     Why doesn’t someone step up to the plate and educate those so-called people over there?  Start with living, breathing beings, how they do feel and they do have emotions. If a foreigner comes into their midst, he/she may not look like they do, talk like they do, walk like they do, wear the same clothing, and whoa, look out if someone comes along that, in their ignorant eyes, is inferior. Animals feel, both physically and emotionally.  Elephants mourn their dead as much as humans, and they are an animal. I heard another of the “butchers” say, “They [the whales] had a good life, they get to live 30 or so years being free, swimming the sea”.  What that translates to is that they get to live some number of years in their natural habitat with their close knit families, not being tormented and tortured by us, until we decide that their time is up and trap them with our boats to run them ashore, so that we can torture, abuse, and slowly murder them right there. All this in the name of ‘feeding a nation’!  It’s sad that, with so, so many animals being endangered already, the Pilot whales might very well join the list with such savage behavior being allowed by any country, and there will be nothing left at this rate for the future generations. I guess though that a lot of the older people figure that since they won’t be around to see it, why should they care? Most unfortunate that they raise the up-and-coming generations not to know any better either. It’s a case of gross ignorance.


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