Sisters And Wives?

14 May

     I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of the show Sister Wives, on The Learning Channel. Yes, I know, like there’s a good lesson to be learned from having 4 wives! (meant strictly sarcastically).  There is so much in this world going on that’s hard to believe, and each day it seems to get worse. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that a man should have as many wives as he feels like having on any given Sunday! How dare this Cody guy use religion as an excuse to not only break the law, but to blatantly act immoral. Furthermore, how dare he associate himself in any way to the Mormons –  sure they can say we’re new Mormons or we’re a branch of Mormons or some ancient Mormons, but they are most certainly not Mormons at all!

     Once, this Cody was nauseated when he thought of the one wife with another man (if the shoe were on the other foot); whoa, funny it bothered him – hmm, I wonder why that would be? He’s with all of those women and yet it would be wrong in his eyes if one of them was with another man. He brings God into it to suit the situation and his purpose.

     Now, I don’t want to be crass here, but all of you women out there think about this: the man you’re interested in, in a relationship with, is sleeping (having sex) with three other women! Hopefully he showers in between, but still, then he crawls into bed with you afterward, ugh. His mouth, hands, and we know what else has been all over them. Face it, with all of those kids, it isn’t like he’s practicing safe sex!  Does he feed them all the same lines too? Does he tell each that they’re the only one for him? Behind closed doors, does he tell each that they’re his favorite, that he loves that one the most?

     This is nothing more than an attempt to legimately cheat! How do they differ from swingers? From what I understand, each of a swinger couple agrees and knows that the other is having sex with whoever they choose. The most unfortunate ones here are the children, to grow up knowing what/how your parents are and having to explain it to others is a terrible position for them to be in. I mean, what would they say? Oh yeah, I had a dad who couldn’t possibly be satisfied with one woman, so he says it’s his religion to have a crap load of wives – it’s easier for him to believe that in his mind. On the flipside though, I have a small towns’ worth of siblings out of the deal, and all of them are going to be asked the same tough questions by society as I am. How can anyone put their children through that? It’s bad enough that they were raised with this and most likely don’t know any better. However, what’s worse is that if they see their dad doing this and getting away with it scott free it’s more likely that they will be inclined to repeat this pattern of behavior!

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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Primetime, Reality TV


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