Horse Meat Coming to a Table Near You

17 May

   Now I know that there must be others out there who love horses like I do. What I’d like to know though is, where are they? I cannot believe that Obama will allow horse meat to be sold for human consumption – for any consumption, for that matter. It seems that nothing is off limits now days. Will cannibalism be allowed next? What in the world have we become? Such beautiful, majestic creatures; they run in races until they are considered too old to do so any longer, and then many of those same winners are sent to slaughter! Some get a horse because they think that it’d be cool to have one and then they realize that these animals, like any other, require care, shelter, food, medical care, etc. so they starve them for awhile before getting rid of them. To think that some idiots take chainsaws and cut off the horses legs while still alive is nauseating! There are people who holler about these countries that eat dogs, cats, monkeys, dolphins, chimpanzees, and others, and yet, look, here we are adding horse meat to the already long list of animals killed for our consumption. IF any animal has to be killed, at least do so in a humane manner (not to condone any killing), don’t intentionally cause an animal to suffer unspeakable agony. I’m a firm believer that karma really is a bitch and when it comes back around to bite, it does so tenfold! I realize that the world is more stressed out then it’s ever been, we’re all worried about money, our bills, saving our homes, food on the table, finding a job – well you get the picture – but can’t anyone just take a minute to look at an animal, really look and appreciate it’s beauty?


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