The Truth About Some No Kill Shelters

17 May

   You probably don’t know this, especially if you haven’t read a Reader’s Digest in awhile. Now, you would think that a no kill shelter means “no-kill” right?  Wrong! No kill shelters don’t actually do the killing themselves, they contract the killing out to another party! Talk about misleading! Some parent reassures their child that it’s okay to take Fluffy to this shelter because he’ll find a new, loving home. Worst case scenario the parent thinks that at least the cat will have a roof over it’s head, be fed and cared for, for the remainder of its life, and guess what? The cat will be put to “sleep” like so many other poor little fluffy souls. I know it’s disgusting, misleading, wrong, but unfortunalely it’s true. So the next time that you take an animal to a “No-Kill Shelter”, you may want to pull someone aside first and clarify exactly what’ll happen to the animal after awhile. And the “while” usually isn’t very long either!

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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in All Things Animals


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