Strike One For The Nat Geo Channel

30 May

Don’t get me wrong, I like the National Geographic Channel, but isn’t there enough animal killing going on already? Their new show, American Colony: Meet The Hutterites, is appalling! Don’t they have the decency to edit out the pigs throat being slit while it hung there, squealing? I used to believe that it was one of the few educational channels that kids could even watch, but no more! Shame on you Nat Geo, not everyone likes the blood, guts, and torture! And we must not forget showing a cow being shot, along with the poor goose laying there while the guy took an axe to its neck! How vile! It isn’t bad anough that it’s going on, no, now National GeoGRAPHIC has to capture every detail on film!

It’s interesting to watch other ways of life. However, it irritates me that inhumane things are allowed anywhere in the world, but in the United States it’s just unacceptable, regardless of what ‘religion’ you call yourself. Doesn’t the ASPCA’s jurisdiction include Montana? Because to slowly plunge a knife into an animal’s throat is vile and cruel. The “Elders” condone that? Cruelty? They have so many rules, but I guess they don’t apply to their livestock. I’m surprised the cow didn’t break all four legs when the guy chased it and the poor thing stumbled from the fear of being quickly charged, perhaps the Hutterites don’t have a lot of exposure to being filmed and the guy was making a lame attempt to show off for the camera!

Furthermore, how dare they terrorize that poor Bertha woman with the threat of excommunication from their community. At the end of the episode, after receiving a text announcing that the Elders are coming, she appeared to be soiling herself at the very thought of it! And the parents are responsible for the childrens’ behavior until they’re in their twenties? At 18 most of our kids are adults, can you imagine being held accountable for their actions? So, bottom line, Bertha has been shunned! How disgusting let me tell you, no matter what your religion, you should also have an education otherwise, how can you know that your belief system is right for you? Maybe that’s the gist of it, maybe the “elders” don’t want anyone to further their education because then they will see how flawed such beliefs are! Where in the bible does it say to remain ignorant, in the dark and not know any better about anything? IF there is such a terrible problem, it should only be with Berthas daughter, IF anyone has to be shunned at all, it should only be her if for nothing else, her blatant defiance! Can she not see that acting like she did only brought trouble to her mother? Regardless of how she feels about the community, she should have had the damned respect to give a hoot what happened to her mom because of her! 

Nice job National Geographic, nice job, talk about promoting animal cruelty, violence and abuse! It was educational alright, I learned a whole lot. Now I can work in a slaughter house!

You can tell that’s sarcasm right?


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