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Mermaids, UFO’s and Disappearing Ships

   July 22, 1943 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard a government test was conducted. It was an attempt to render a naval ship, the USS Eldridge, “cloaked” to enemy devices. Reports claimed that the ship became almost invisible and a greenish fog appeared in its place. Many of the crew reported severe nausea after the attempt was made. Again, on October 28, 1943 the “test” was repeated, only this time reports said that the ship vanished entirely, appearing in Norfolk Virginia, some two hundred plus miles away. There, in full view of the crew aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth, it remained for some time, vanishing again only to reappear back in Philadelphia where it started out. Reports claim that many of the men aboard the Eldridge suffered mental disorders after this and still others vanished completely! Allegedly, the device that was tested was based upon an aspect of Albert Einsteins unified field theory. Now, is this true? Is it a bunch of people wanting to be dubbed lunatics for making it up? Could it be that, once again, the government screwed up and, as always, they insist that all of those involved in making these reports, are certifiable nut jobs? ALL of them?

   Do you remember hearing about the Roswell Incident? It’s alleged that a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico and that the recovered “items” were taken to Area 51 where autopsies were conducted on the alien bodies and studies were done of the wreckage. On July 8, 1947, The Roswell Army Air Field public information officer, Walter Haut, issued a press release stating that personnel from the fields 509th bomb group recovered a flying disk near Roswell. Of course, the story quickly changed, it was a radar tracking balloon. The different stories of what was found seemed to quell all of the questions for the most part until 1978, when a physist, Stanton Friedman, interviewed Major Jesse Marcel who was involved in the original recovery of the debris. He believed that the military covered up the recovery of a UFO. Then, in 1989, Glenn Dennis, a former mortician claimed that alien autopsies were carried out at the Roswell base. Could it be true? Or again, were these educated people who suddenly went insane? Or perhaps they wanted attention, knowing that they would be branded crazy in the public eye? I don’t know.

   The latest question is whether or not the government has knowledge of the existance of mermaids. Is it possible? Absolutely. I think the bigger question is, why would the government conceal it? Tell me, how is it a danger to national security? Does it scare them to think that they could be as intelligent as some humans, or more so? Will they band together and like fish out of water, attack? Or maybe it’s feared that they could somehow spy on us from under water? Maybe they can be competition and run for some political position! Odd how so many scientists can be erased from so many places online though, isn’t it? I didn’t realize that scientists involved with the discovery of a new species could have web sites shut down by Homeland Security, none the less! Forget all that you’ve heard, look simply at the facts, do or could they make sense?

   The pathetic bottom line here, is how much the government conceals from the public for some unknown reason. Doubt any of us will ever see the day that there is full disclosure when not pertinent to national security. Who knows how it would change the world & people in it? It just might be a case of giving people hope, and God knows we can all use it. Personally, I think that if they came clean about the mermaid situation, it would open some of those minds that have been sealed off, as well as stimulate imaginations. There is so, so much that we don’t know, and many things that do indeed exist that we haven’t yet discovered, but when those in power hide the very things that might change the world in a positive light, then we begin to lose hope, and face it, the entire planet needs all the hope that we can get our hands on!


Save An Animal’s Life, Please!

   Earlier I mentioned no kill shelters; the problem is, that many really do kill either when filled up, or the killing is contracted out. I would not take an animal to the SPCA or Humane Society – how is it protecting an animal, or being humane, to kill them? I make donations whenever I can to causes that protect animals. Have you? And if you have made donations to organizations like the above listed, how can you be sure that your money isn’t going toward the euthanization of these poor animals? You can’t be! Because it probably is!

   If I seem like a beggar, so be it, I know how irritating it can be for people to be asked for money every time they turn around. You go into a store and someone stands out front, maybe ringing a bell asking for money. Or there’s a table set up outside of the grocery store where there are more people asking. You sit down to watch tv and again, someone wants money. Then there’s the usual mortgage or rent payments and all of the usual utilities, I get it. The fact is, these animals cannot ask for themselves, and if you do donate, I can assure you that the money goes to a shelter where no animal is killed! If they have feline leukemia or HIV, they live with other cats who have the same. The healthier cats also live cage free in a beautiful place I like to call the cat oasis! They have food, water, treats, toys and medical care at all times until they find a “forever home”. I came across several cats, strays, who were starving and in danger of being shot or fed anti-freeze. They were adorable, especially since a few were kittens. I would have given anything if they could have gone to the Animal Care Association, but they were filled to capacity. It is a cat’s dream to go there, but they cannot help that there is not enough room. There would be more room in truth, if there was money enough, but unfortunately there is not. I hope that’s where you come in. I thank God though that I came in contact with another woman who ran a no-kill shelter and she took them all. Not only did she take all of them, she picked them up and allowed me to use her carriers, since I had none. Again, she runs a cage-free, no-kill shelter that did not discard the one cat who turned out to have leukemia. Instead, the cat will live out her life among others who have the same medical problem, unless someone adopts her. My point is, at some time in many peoples lives, whether it’s a pet they cannot keep, or one they find along the road, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take them to a safe haven where, if they aren’t adopted, they arent killed? Bottom line, it takes our donations to give more cats a chance by allowing these types of shelters to continue to run.

   If you’d like to make a real difference and make a donation, even a dollar, to help keep these wonderful places running, or even expand with enough donations, then please, I urge you to contribute whatever you can. I know an elderly lady who lives on a fixed income (and believe me it isn’t much), yet every month without fail, she sends ten dollars to her local no-kill shelter. Please realize that donating to the SPCA / Humane Society is, pretty much, helping an animal to die! I’d rather help an animal to live, anyday!

Animal Care Association                           

1916 Rosanna Avenue

Scranton,  PA  18509

   I’d like to thank you in advance for your time and your contribution. No, they can’t afford to send you a hat or T-shirt but you really will be helping to save an animal or many animals lives.


To Those Reading This Blog

   To those of you who have stopped by to read anything written here or to anyone here for the first time, I want to say thank you. My intention is not to offend anyone out there by stating my true feelings about anything; I know at times I can seem too outspoken and to some I’m sure a bit harsh. Regardless, I do appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to hear what I have to say. Whether you agree with me, or vehemently disagree, I would very much like your feedback, be it good or bad.

   When I first sat down here to state my feelings, I thought, who out there will give a darn what I have to say? who am I anyway in a sea of millions? The truth is, the more hits that I got, sprinkled with a few comments, the better I felt about what I was doing. Needless to say, without you out there reading any of it, it means nothing, but I’d also welcome any comments that you might have, not only to know your thoughts and feelings, but also to learn what topic it is that you were interested most in reading about. If you have the time, please share your feedback with me, and thank you in advance.

   One more thing, as time goes by, the things written here may become more sensitive to a lot of people. Again I’d like to stress that my intention is not to offend or seriously pee off any readers, I just might think differently than some people. I know that religion and politics are a hot button to many, but my opinions are just that – my opinions! I do appreciate though that you took the time to stop by, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

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Are You An Animal Lover?

   You know, the more horror stories I hear about animals, the sicker I get. I’m sure that it’s obvious that I am an animal lover, but regardless of my personal feelings, I try to keep an open mind when I hear about an animal in a bad situation. I mean, if an owner starves an animal because they lost their job and cannot afford to feed it, that does not excuse it, but at least there’s some shred of sense there (if you can call it that). Why, though, would anyone intentionally harm any animal? I’m the type of person that wants to understand the way peoples’ minds work and their reasoning process, but I’ll tell you, I’ll never understand cruelty.

   A kitten not even 8 weeks old burned with cigarettes, another cat purposely fed anti-freeze and suffers a horrible death, a small poodle that’s been tied about 6 inches from it’s food and water dishes and beat whenever it cries, and a dog left alongside the road, locked in a carrier with no food or water in tempretures above 90 that slowly suffers death. Why? And what about the dogs found in the creeks dead, after being skinned alive? Again I ask, why? Must someone feel like a big person to pick on a helpless animal? What is there to gain? If any so called human being could do such things, what in the hell would they do to another person? Yeah, I get that this world has become so disgusting that nothing is sacred anymore – look at the child killers and rapists. Even some priests have become so tainted that they molest children. It certainly breeds hopelessness all around but even a few, I have to believe can pave the way to make a difference. After all, an animal abuser is no different than a child abuser, the animal, like a child, is innocent and helpless to defend itself. Funny how so many would protect their children with their lives but cannot go out of their way to protect an animal! A pet becomes part of your family, so then how can someone abuse part of their family? I have seen and heard of more cruel, inhumane things done to animals that it literally, physically sickens me. If you know of an animal, any animal, being abused or neglected, please do your part and report the person or people doing it.


The Elderly And Karma

   Why do vast numbers of the older people get thrown into nursing homes? Have you ever volunteered at one or visited one? So many similar stories. One little old lady’s son told her that he made her a doctor’s appointment and then dropped her off at a nursing home, there in the trunk were her suitcases. Another had 6 kids, none of who visited through the year but all promised every Christmas. Each December she got all dolled up in the  finest dress she owned and sat all day, alone, for those children that never did show. Some of them just adore a stuffed bear or a little baby doll, something to love and they cling to them for dear life! Since when is it okay to discard the elderly? Have we all forgotten that our parents gave us life, changed our diapers, fed us every day, played nurse to us whenever we were sick, struggled to raise us, many alone and going without a lot putting us first? How soon we forget.

   We’ll all be old someday, and let me tell you, if we don’t make some serious changes now, we may suffer worse fates. Our parents did everything, gave everything to raise us just as their parents did with them, and just because of some wrinkles and aches – yes often medical issues too, it comes with the territory – we cannot allow them to live with us? Or if they are still able, why not leave them alone, check in on them but let them have their independence? Imagine it was you in a home, where you wait until they say it’s time to eat and often feed you, they sometimes accompany you to the bathroom, then to have a stranger washing your naked body from a pan! Most I’ve seen, you can’t leave and take a walk, you don’t get to go and have a coffee or tea, no shopping, maybe once a month there’s an outing they may allow you to go on. If you take their independence, that’s unhealthy for them, but take all of their dignity and break them and they don’t live long – they lose their will to live. I’ve seen many a children take all that their parents have after putting them away; the house, all of the money, all of their precious belongings, and how many of them take the money and give it to their parents to ask what they need or would like? Well, I haven’t seen any take a dime to the parents!

   I believe that every good deed that you do goes into the karma bank, like a savings account that pays unimagineable interest. For every bad thing you do, one day it’ll be unbelieveable havoc and set backs that the bank pays you. When the good deeds come to maturity, there will be the greatest windfall of your life coming your way. Karma is a very real thing and there is no escaping it. Quite simply, either good karma will come back to you, or bad karma will, and it’s always one or the other. I know that I try to always make my deposits into the good karma bank. Though it applies to good and bad in general, you may want to remember that when you’re looking into your mom or dad’s aging face, don’t kid yourself: they earned every single fine line and wrinkle upon it.

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Taking An Animal To The “Shelter”

   Why wouldn’t I EVER take an animal to the SPCA? Hmm, where do I begin. First of all, why take an animal to what may very well be death row? Or maybe to have that animal spend it’s life staring through bars in hopes that someone, anyone might come by and take it home. Did you ever notice that they take the dogs out for walks at least, or volunteers take them, yet the cats lay there in these tiny cages (usually so small that they have to lay IN their litter pans), many are so desperate that when you walk by, they stick their paws through the cages to get your attention? Then many more just lay there, not even lifting their heads when someone passes by, they are depressed, wondering what the heck they ever did to warrant being stuck in a cage waiting to die. They say that animals have a sixth sense and I truly believe that they can sense what is going to happen when they take them from their cages to kill them. Yes, I know they prefer to call it “putting them to sleep”, maybe they figure it sounds more humane to the ears! They try to blame everyone by saying to have your animals fixed, what about the animals who live on the streets, they have no home, oh right, scoop them up and take them on in to put them to sleep as well.

   The funny thing about these animals is that they only ask to be fed, have a roof over their heads, and be loved. They ask so very little from us, never speak ill of us, never make any trouble for us, never take all of our money, don’t call us up always wanting favors – what human do you know that you can say the same about? I’m going to bet, none. Then why is it that they always get the short end of the stick? Thank God that we humans aren’t treated the same way that the SPCA treats many animals. Can you imagine being caught, put in a cage – in some cases they sterilize you – then in most cases put you “to sleep”?

   I ask any and everyone who reads this, if you care at all, donate what you can, even if it’s $2.00, but not to the stinking kill shelters, please donate it to the no-kill, non profit organizations. If you don’t know of any, please let me know and I will give you names in your area. Why, especially in this economy, give hard earned money to anyone where the money is helping to euthanize any animal? Even if 100 people were to be generous enough to donate, do you realize how many lives would be saved? And believe me, if you visit any of these no kill shelters, the REAL NO-KILL SHELTERS, you’d feel pretty darned good knowing that you helped save a life or more, looking at those beautiful, fluffy little faces. Thank you in advance for caring enough to stop and take the time to read this, and thank you more to any of you that donate.


Mermaid Cover-Up Follow Up

   After such interest in the Mermaid cover up, I went in search of more info on the subject. This is where it got very strange, I went in search of Dr.Paul Robertson the scientist that was involved in discovering the mermaid body found. Of three pages connected to him, all were shut down from the Dept. Of Homeland Security (that’s what it said). Coincidentally, when the evidence was confiscated from the scientists on August 8, 2005, the reason given was one that they had not before heard of, “confiscation of a discovery of national importance”, afterwhich of course their visas were revoked! Why would the government try to “erase” these scientists? And why on earth would his site be shut down? What possible threat would it pose to allow freedom of information when there is no threat to national security?  Whether “Mermaids” exist or not, it brings an important issue to light, the government/military and the fact that there is so much information hidden from the public. I can certainly understand if there is any threat to national security, but aside from that, the public should be informed!  Let us make up our own minds and form our own opinions from ALL available information. Heaven forbid there ever be an asteroid coming directly at us – in their quest not to cause a panic, we’d never be privy to it.

   Are there Mermaids? I don’t know, but I certainly think that anything is possible, that’s for sure. I’m also sure that the government has or will probably kill them all off! After all, they really can “erase” anyone they want to and can manipulate the media to their advantage, causing the majority of people to keep a closed mind. Sure, you can’t believe everything you hear or read, but however, that works both ways. Because the news caster says something is not true doesn’t mean it’s the case. I wonder how many times the government has “instructed” the media to squash a story, etc. At the very least, these are things to think about.