Mermaid Cover-Up Follow Up

02 Jun

   After such interest in the Mermaid cover up, I went in search of more info on the subject. This is where it got very strange, I went in search of Dr.Paul Robertson the scientist that was involved in discovering the mermaid body found. Of three pages connected to him, all were shut down from the Dept. Of Homeland Security (that’s what it said). Coincidentally, when the evidence was confiscated from the scientists on August 8, 2005, the reason given was one that they had not before heard of, “confiscation of a discovery of national importance”, afterwhich of course their visas were revoked! Why would the government try to “erase” these scientists? And why on earth would his site be shut down? What possible threat would it pose to allow freedom of information when there is no threat to national security?  Whether “Mermaids” exist or not, it brings an important issue to light, the government/military and the fact that there is so much information hidden from the public. I can certainly understand if there is any threat to national security, but aside from that, the public should be informed!  Let us make up our own minds and form our own opinions from ALL available information. Heaven forbid there ever be an asteroid coming directly at us – in their quest not to cause a panic, we’d never be privy to it.

   Are there Mermaids? I don’t know, but I certainly think that anything is possible, that’s for sure. I’m also sure that the government has or will probably kill them all off! After all, they really can “erase” anyone they want to and can manipulate the media to their advantage, causing the majority of people to keep a closed mind. Sure, you can’t believe everything you hear or read, but however, that works both ways. Because the news caster says something is not true doesn’t mean it’s the case. I wonder how many times the government has “instructed” the media to squash a story, etc. At the very least, these are things to think about.


One response to “Mermaid Cover-Up Follow Up

  1. Theresa M.E.C.

    June 15, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    By the people, for the people…….What happened to that idea ? This seems to be just one more cover up.


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