Taking An Animal To The “Shelter”

12 Jun

   Why wouldn’t I EVER take an animal to the SPCA? Hmm, where do I begin. First of all, why take an animal to what may very well be death row? Or maybe to have that animal spend it’s life staring through bars in hopes that someone, anyone might come by and take it home. Did you ever notice that they take the dogs out for walks at least, or volunteers take them, yet the cats lay there in these tiny cages (usually so small that they have to lay IN their litter pans), many are so desperate that when you walk by, they stick their paws through the cages to get your attention? Then many more just lay there, not even lifting their heads when someone passes by, they are depressed, wondering what the heck they ever did to warrant being stuck in a cage waiting to die. They say that animals have a sixth sense and I truly believe that they can sense what is going to happen when they take them from their cages to kill them. Yes, I know they prefer to call it “putting them to sleep”, maybe they figure it sounds more humane to the ears! They try to blame everyone by saying to have your animals fixed, what about the animals who live on the streets, they have no home, oh right, scoop them up and take them on in to put them to sleep as well.

   The funny thing about these animals is that they only ask to be fed, have a roof over their heads, and be loved. They ask so very little from us, never speak ill of us, never make any trouble for us, never take all of our money, don’t call us up always wanting favors – what human do you know that you can say the same about? I’m going to bet, none. Then why is it that they always get the short end of the stick? Thank God that we humans aren’t treated the same way that the SPCA treats many animals. Can you imagine being caught, put in a cage – in some cases they sterilize you – then in most cases put you “to sleep”?

   I ask any and everyone who reads this, if you care at all, donate what you can, even if it’s $2.00, but not to the stinking kill shelters, please donate it to the no-kill, non profit organizations. If you don’t know of any, please let me know and I will give you names in your area. Why, especially in this economy, give hard earned money to anyone where the money is helping to euthanize any animal? Even if 100 people were to be generous enough to donate, do you realize how many lives would be saved? And believe me, if you visit any of these no kill shelters, the REAL NO-KILL SHELTERS, you’d feel pretty darned good knowing that you helped save a life or more, looking at those beautiful, fluffy little faces. Thank you in advance for caring enough to stop and take the time to read this, and thank you more to any of you that donate.


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