The Elderly And Karma

13 Jun

   Why do vast numbers of the older people get thrown into nursing homes? Have you ever volunteered at one or visited one? So many similar stories. One little old lady’s son told her that he made her a doctor’s appointment and then dropped her off at a nursing home, there in the trunk were her suitcases. Another had 6 kids, none of who visited through the year but all promised every Christmas. Each December she got all dolled up in the  finest dress she owned and sat all day, alone, for those children that never did show. Some of them just adore a stuffed bear or a little baby doll, something to love and they cling to them for dear life! Since when is it okay to discard the elderly? Have we all forgotten that our parents gave us life, changed our diapers, fed us every day, played nurse to us whenever we were sick, struggled to raise us, many alone and going without a lot putting us first? How soon we forget.

   We’ll all be old someday, and let me tell you, if we don’t make some serious changes now, we may suffer worse fates. Our parents did everything, gave everything to raise us just as their parents did with them, and just because of some wrinkles and aches – yes often medical issues too, it comes with the territory – we cannot allow them to live with us? Or if they are still able, why not leave them alone, check in on them but let them have their independence? Imagine it was you in a home, where you wait until they say it’s time to eat and often feed you, they sometimes accompany you to the bathroom, then to have a stranger washing your naked body from a pan! Most I’ve seen, you can’t leave and take a walk, you don’t get to go and have a coffee or tea, no shopping, maybe once a month there’s an outing they may allow you to go on. If you take their independence, that’s unhealthy for them, but take all of their dignity and break them and they don’t live long – they lose their will to live. I’ve seen many a children take all that their parents have after putting them away; the house, all of the money, all of their precious belongings, and how many of them take the money and give it to their parents to ask what they need or would like? Well, I haven’t seen any take a dime to the parents!

   I believe that every good deed that you do goes into the karma bank, like a savings account that pays unimagineable interest. For every bad thing you do, one day it’ll be unbelieveable havoc and set backs that the bank pays you. When the good deeds come to maturity, there will be the greatest windfall of your life coming your way. Karma is a very real thing and there is no escaping it. Quite simply, either good karma will come back to you, or bad karma will, and it’s always one or the other. I know that I try to always make my deposits into the good karma bank. Though it applies to good and bad in general, you may want to remember that when you’re looking into your mom or dad’s aging face, don’t kid yourself: they earned every single fine line and wrinkle upon it.

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Posted by on June 13, 2012 in All Posts, Personal Stories


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