Are You An Animal Lover?

14 Jun

   You know, the more horror stories I hear about animals, the sicker I get. I’m sure that it’s obvious that I am an animal lover, but regardless of my personal feelings, I try to keep an open mind when I hear about an animal in a bad situation. I mean, if an owner starves an animal because they lost their job and cannot afford to feed it, that does not excuse it, but at least there’s some shred of sense there (if you can call it that). Why, though, would anyone intentionally harm any animal? I’m the type of person that wants to understand the way peoples’ minds work and their reasoning process, but I’ll tell you, I’ll never understand cruelty.

   A kitten not even 8 weeks old burned with cigarettes, another cat purposely fed anti-freeze and suffers a horrible death, a small poodle that’s been tied about 6 inches from it’s food and water dishes and beat whenever it cries, and a dog left alongside the road, locked in a carrier with no food or water in tempretures above 90 that slowly suffers death. Why? And what about the dogs found in the creeks dead, after being skinned alive? Again I ask, why? Must someone feel like a big person to pick on a helpless animal? What is there to gain? If any so called human being could do such things, what in the hell would they do to another person? Yeah, I get that this world has become so disgusting that nothing is sacred anymore – look at the child killers and rapists. Even some priests have become so tainted that they molest children. It certainly breeds hopelessness all around but even a few, I have to believe can pave the way to make a difference. After all, an animal abuser is no different than a child abuser, the animal, like a child, is innocent and helpless to defend itself. Funny how so many would protect their children with their lives but cannot go out of their way to protect an animal! A pet becomes part of your family, so then how can someone abuse part of their family? I have seen and heard of more cruel, inhumane things done to animals that it literally, physically sickens me. If you know of an animal, any animal, being abused or neglected, please do your part and report the person or people doing it.


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