Save An Animal’s Life, Please!

16 Jun

   Earlier I mentioned no kill shelters; the problem is, that many really do kill either when filled up, or the killing is contracted out. I would not take an animal to the SPCA or Humane Society – how is it protecting an animal, or being humane, to kill them? I make donations whenever I can to causes that protect animals. Have you? And if you have made donations to organizations like the above listed, how can you be sure that your money isn’t going toward the euthanization of these poor animals? You can’t be! Because it probably is!

   If I seem like a beggar, so be it, I know how irritating it can be for people to be asked for money every time they turn around. You go into a store and someone stands out front, maybe ringing a bell asking for money. Or there’s a table set up outside of the grocery store where there are more people asking. You sit down to watch tv and again, someone wants money. Then there’s the usual mortgage or rent payments and all of the usual utilities, I get it. The fact is, these animals cannot ask for themselves, and if you do donate, I can assure you that the money goes to a shelter where no animal is killed! If they have feline leukemia or HIV, they live with other cats who have the same. The healthier cats also live cage free in a beautiful place I like to call the cat oasis! They have food, water, treats, toys and medical care at all times until they find a “forever home”. I came across several cats, strays, who were starving and in danger of being shot or fed anti-freeze. They were adorable, especially since a few were kittens. I would have given anything if they could have gone to the Animal Care Association, but they were filled to capacity. It is a cat’s dream to go there, but they cannot help that there is not enough room. There would be more room in truth, if there was money enough, but unfortunately there is not. I hope that’s where you come in. I thank God though that I came in contact with another woman who ran a no-kill shelter and she took them all. Not only did she take all of them, she picked them up and allowed me to use her carriers, since I had none. Again, she runs a cage-free, no-kill shelter that did not discard the one cat who turned out to have leukemia. Instead, the cat will live out her life among others who have the same medical problem, unless someone adopts her. My point is, at some time in many peoples lives, whether it’s a pet they cannot keep, or one they find along the road, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take them to a safe haven where, if they aren’t adopted, they arent killed? Bottom line, it takes our donations to give more cats a chance by allowing these types of shelters to continue to run.

   If you’d like to make a real difference and make a donation, even a dollar, to help keep these wonderful places running, or even expand with enough donations, then please, I urge you to contribute whatever you can. I know an elderly lady who lives on a fixed income (and believe me it isn’t much), yet every month without fail, she sends ten dollars to her local no-kill shelter. Please realize that donating to the SPCA / Humane Society is, pretty much, helping an animal to die! I’d rather help an animal to live, anyday!

Animal Care Association                           

1916 Rosanna Avenue

Scranton,  PA  18509

   I’d like to thank you in advance for your time and your contribution. No, they can’t afford to send you a hat or T-shirt but you really will be helping to save an animal or many animals lives.


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