Mermaids, UFO’s and Disappearing Ships

17 Jun

   July 22, 1943 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard a government test was conducted. It was an attempt to render a naval ship, the USS Eldridge, “cloaked” to enemy devices. Reports claimed that the ship became almost invisible and a greenish fog appeared in its place. Many of the crew reported severe nausea after the attempt was made. Again, on October 28, 1943 the “test” was repeated, only this time reports said that the ship vanished entirely, appearing in Norfolk Virginia, some two hundred plus miles away. There, in full view of the crew aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth, it remained for some time, vanishing again only to reappear back in Philadelphia where it started out. Reports claim that many of the men aboard the Eldridge suffered mental disorders after this and still others vanished completely! Allegedly, the device that was tested was based upon an aspect of Albert Einsteins unified field theory. Now, is this true? Is it a bunch of people wanting to be dubbed lunatics for making it up? Could it be that, once again, the government screwed up and, as always, they insist that all of those involved in making these reports, are certifiable nut jobs? ALL of them?

   Do you remember hearing about the Roswell Incident? It’s alleged that a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico and that the recovered “items” were taken to Area 51 where autopsies were conducted on the alien bodies and studies were done of the wreckage. On July 8, 1947, The Roswell Army Air Field public information officer, Walter Haut, issued a press release stating that personnel from the fields 509th bomb group recovered a flying disk near Roswell. Of course, the story quickly changed, it was a radar tracking balloon. The different stories of what was found seemed to quell all of the questions for the most part until 1978, when a physist, Stanton Friedman, interviewed Major Jesse Marcel who was involved in the original recovery of the debris. He believed that the military covered up the recovery of a UFO. Then, in 1989, Glenn Dennis, a former mortician claimed that alien autopsies were carried out at the Roswell base. Could it be true? Or again, were these educated people who suddenly went insane? Or perhaps they wanted attention, knowing that they would be branded crazy in the public eye? I don’t know.

   The latest question is whether or not the government has knowledge of the existance of mermaids. Is it possible? Absolutely. I think the bigger question is, why would the government conceal it? Tell me, how is it a danger to national security? Does it scare them to think that they could be as intelligent as some humans, or more so? Will they band together and like fish out of water, attack? Or maybe it’s feared that they could somehow spy on us from under water? Maybe they can be competition and run for some political position! Odd how so many scientists can be erased from so many places online though, isn’t it? I didn’t realize that scientists involved with the discovery of a new species could have web sites shut down by Homeland Security, none the less! Forget all that you’ve heard, look simply at the facts, do or could they make sense?

   The pathetic bottom line here, is how much the government conceals from the public for some unknown reason. Doubt any of us will ever see the day that there is full disclosure when not pertinent to national security. Who knows how it would change the world & people in it? It just might be a case of giving people hope, and God knows we can all use it. Personally, I think that if they came clean about the mermaid situation, it would open some of those minds that have been sealed off, as well as stimulate imaginations. There is so, so much that we don’t know, and many things that do indeed exist that we haven’t yet discovered, but when those in power hide the very things that might change the world in a positive light, then we begin to lose hope, and face it, the entire planet needs all the hope that we can get our hands on!


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