Whatever Happened to Bruce Jenner?

14 Jul

   Bruce Jenner was once a well known, respectable athlete, and he kind of reminded me of the all-American boy next door. He still seems like such a nice, decent man, but gosh, what the heck did he marry Kris for? Wow, have you seen the way that woman treats him? What’s hard to believe and even more mind blowing is that he allows her to treat him like she does! He gets barked at when he eats while sitting on the couch, he leaves to go to his step daughter’s house to escape for awhile and look how long it took her to notice that he’d even left, then when they had the garage redone, he was happy to think that he’d have his own half to do what he enjoyed and oh no, Kris wanted all of it. There were pictures of the family in the one hallway and not a one of Bruce, it took Khloe to bring Kris’s attention to it, and, selfish as she is, she had to be told about it in order for her to consider him.  The ultimate slap in the face was when Kris Jenner wanted to change her last name to Kardashian! Heaven forbid her children ( who are the real money makers ), get more attention then her. As desperate and pathetic as that woman is, she doesn’t seem to deal well with not inflicting herself in on every last thing, from shows, to pictures, to her youngest daughters trying to visit with a friend she had over!

   Bruce seemed very concerned, as any good parent would be, when his two daughters he has with Kris, started out with the modeling stuff. He cared about how they’d be perceived, suggestive swimwear, etc. Kris’s idea was not to say anything to him right away, of course, because she was making money off of them also! Constantly bragging about how she works hard for her money and stating what a good mother she is! Bruce does seem like a good, caring parent but all she cares about is the dough rolling in. What, my kid made a pornish tape, hey let’s make her famous from it and rake in some moolah! We Kardashians are famous you know, famous for being famous nobodies, famous for a relatives smut tape, famous because I pee all over the place and all over myself on television and then make money from it (must be Kris’s claim to fame), for treating my husband like crap, and most of all, famous because I (Kris Jenner) say I……  oops I mean we say we are!

   Makes you want to slap Ryan Seacrest too, for ever having anything to do with their shows being aired. Wait, come to think of it, didn’t he have a hand in attempting to promote that Melissa Gorgas (RHONJ) supposed singing career? Ohh, no wonder, what word is equal to slum lord as far as renting but applied to someone who’ll try to make a show out of any old garbage he finds and trying to make a singer out of someone who is genuinely mute? Many countries say that the united states has become so tainted and lame that we’ll put anything on television and find it amusing when really, viewers don’t complain enough, instead they turn the channel so that nothing will ever change. Shows like theirs are a national embarassment and we really shouldn’t turn our heads, as they reflect on all of us.

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One response to “Whatever Happened to Bruce Jenner?

  1. Christie

    July 19, 2012 at 7:46 am

    I could not agree with you more!! I have actually stopped watching the show because I can not stand how Kris is so self absorbed and speaks to her husband like he is a child and talks so horribly about him to her children. Why are they even still married? If I treated my husband like that, I would pretty much guarantee he would find emotional support and physical affection somewhere else. Bruce needs to grow some balls and put a stop to the constant nagging.

    I do love watching Khloe and Lamar because they show what love and respect is all about in a marriage. Glad her mother didn’t rub off on her. So I guess I am still stuck on one of the Ryan Seacrest productions. I also very entertained by how clueless Kim is or maybe she doesn’t care how that show actually portrays her as this spoiled, crybaby, whiney girl that doesn’t appear to be very intelligent. Maybe she is, but nobody will ever know. Speaking of self-absorbed…..During the whole Kris Humphries stint, was I the only one that was thinking…”RUN, RUN, RUN!!!” ? She could have cared less about his career and the show made that very clear. She just looked like a fame whore who only thought about her future….future of what?? I will never know. Professional athlete is an actual career. Paparazzi stalked reality star really isn’t. I could go on and on but I wont. Love your blog. Will check you out again.


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