Kim Kardashian’s Ego

16 Jul

Kim Kardashian’s ego has actually surpassed the size of her rear end, and I doubt that anyone thought that was even possible! Whenever I see her in magazines or on TV, I marvel at the fact that this woman, in reality, is a no name who’s ONLY claim to fame was a video of her having sex with Ray J.  How does one go from being a nobody to making what some might consider a soft porn tape, and becoming a millionaire nobody that the press pursues and is given any role in a reality show?

Yes, if she has some fans, they’d say, “Oh this person blogging about Kim K. is jealous of her”. I beg to differ, if making and leaking a sex tape is a claim to fame, then I’ll gladly pass! First of all, isn’t a “reality show” supposed to be real, hence the term reality? So why is it that her husband of a month or so, states that the Kardashian shows are scripted? Since when do nobodies get to take faraway trips to exotic locales? Live in mansions? Drive cars that cost more than the average person’s home? Get their carcasses hauled around in chauffered vehicles? Attend red carpet events, rub elbows with the real celebrities, be part of photo shoots, have their own perfume and so on and so forth?

Kim Kardashian duped a whole lot of people with her “wedding”, making a mockery of the institution of marriage. Then after getting all of those expensive gifts, returns them to take that money, spent in good faith on her AND her husband, to buy pricey watches for her family members. Seems that viewers weren’t the only ones duped – all of those gift givers were taken for a ride as well as her so called husband Kris! Naturally he assumed his marriage to Kim was real, in spite of how she treated him. I hope that he gets his day in court and that her, as well as her family, has to answer for all of this bad behavior.

Perhaps she’ll bring Kanye with her to court? Seems that she didn’t take long at all, not even waiting until she was divorced to get tied up with another “famous” guy. That in itself shows what she is, answers the questions about her morals, as to whether or not she has any. I can assure you of this, if the public turned the channel, didn’t want to see any more Kardashian anything, she’d wither away. They all would wither away but Kim K. and Kris Jenner would not be able to function. It would destroy them not to have this unearned fame that they’ve been enjoying. They wouldn’t know how to “act” without ruthlessly pursuing fame.

We’ve heard that Kim has said recently that she wants to settle down, have children, and concentrate on an “acting” career! I know that I, for one, wouldn’t watch anything she acted in, because I saw her gig on Drop Dead Diva, and quite frankly, she stunk! To me, people like these people are an insult to the real actors out there, the ones who worked their tails off to become the stars that they are. I couldn’t imagine standing on the red carpet next to someone like Kim Kardashian if I were one of the real celebrities, to stand next to someone who had a tiny fan base compared to mine, when I’d never heard of them. Could you imagine the look on her face if that happened and the real celeb asked what movies she’d been in? Hilarious! Of course we know that she’d be too busy trying to insist that celeb take her autograph!

The funniest moment of one of their shows was when Scott paid to become a so called Lord and Kim said that HE was so full of himself. It must be that people overseas have been led to believe that the Kartrashian clan really are some kind of celebrities over here. And why is it that Kris Jenner insists on inflicting herself into every dinner, every photo shoot, every trip, every story they put out, what would she do if she could not ride the coat tails of all of her children in their never ending quest for more and more attention? I see where the Kardashian / Jenner kids get it from.

I read a recent article which stated that Kim is now rethinking her “gig” with Kanye. Apparently, he isn’t famous enough for her – it said that she was sure that once word got out about them, her arse would be plastered on every magazine cover and a bunch of shows would be interested in interviews with her. Oh sure she got a bit more attention, but since it wasn’t global news, it wasn’t good enough. She rivals her mother in the vile department. So as you can see, and I’m sure you already knew, Kim K. ‘s ego is more gigantic that that rear end that she has to hoist around. I’m certain that no one in the world ever thought that anything could rival the sheer giganticism of her arse!


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