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Canada Seals Fate

Imagine, on the landscape covered with clean white snow, mother Harp seals and mother Hooded seals, coming upon the ice, to give birth to their pups. They build a den in the snow on top of the ice to protect their young from any potential threats, the pups feed on their mothers milk for about six weeks, at which time the mother must go to feed herself. While these beautiful creatures can swim well, they are also clumsy on land, and the innocent pups do not know of the danger that their biggest enemies pose – that danger isn’t the fox or polar bear, no. Their worst enemy is mankind!

The once white, pristine landscape becomes red with blood from the slaughter, Canada allows barbaric slaughtering of these round eyed, benign, helpless, little seal babies most of which are three months or younger. The “hunters” beat these poor things with clubs, most have hooks on the end to hook into the babies faces, mouths or cheeks, so as not to damage the fur. They then pile the bodies, many of which are not dead but have had their heads smashed in, have been hooked and then drug across the ice floes to be piled. Even more are skinned while still alive, mothers are often left dying with horrendous wounds from trying to protect their young while more adult males have had their penises cut off while alive, and lay suffering until they die! You ask why anyone would cut the penis off of a male seal? Well because the Japanese, of course, believe they make good aphrodisiacs! Why kill the mothers? They give their lives, desperately trying any way they can to save their young! Why kill the baby seals? Because some ass out there, who supports such massacre, wants baby seal fur!

The peaceful, white land runs red with the blood of thousands of seals! Often, shots can be heard, as well as laughter from the so called hunters. Must be really funny to murder innocent seals, huh? Must make them big men, there’s some hunting to be proud of, huh? Like infants, the pups cannot fight back, cannot so much as bite their attackers, no, all they can do is scream in agony and terror, ripped away from their mothers, who have to witness it all and unable to defend themselves. Furthermore, the Japanese should be intelligent enough to realize, if their penises don’t work as well as they’d like, don’t go cutting off a seal’s penis, that won’t fix their problem, that won’t enhance their “drive”.

Nearly half of these beautiful, baby hooded and harp seals, are skinned alive! What kind of people would allow such brutal, unnecessary killing? What kind of man could perform such heinous acts? What kind of country would permit it? Canada, that’s the country, I guess savage behavior isn’t seen in just the far off places. I can’t even say it’s a lack of education, it’s pure ignorance, and Canada should know better. Knowing this, I would not ever visit there, and I would also shun anyone that would support, purchase or wear baby seal fur! At this rate, we’ll see these wide eyed wonders become extinct, like so many other species before them, and we can blame Canada, in this case.

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Posted by on October 10, 2012 in All Things Animals