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To All Readers

For those people who read my blog, will you please do me a favor? Please, let me know who your least favorite television personality is, I didn’t use the word celebrity, as there are a lot of everyday people on reality shows now days. I’m very interested in who you least like, and if you have an extra minute to spare, I wouldn’t mind knowing who you like most, as well.

To all of you who read my blog, I want to say thank you, especially to those returning readers. I appreciate that you take the time and interest, in hearing what I have to say ( or in many cases, gripe about ). I value your comments and I do hope that you’ll respond to this request for me. Thank you again and I hope that you’ll stop by again soon.

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Bruce And Kris Jenner

It’s been recently reported that Bruce Jenner has consulted an attorney to get advice on a possible divorce, but I think the biggest question in most people’s minds is, what the heck took him so long? There is no bigger, greedier, more self-absorbed, self-centered, selfish, immature, competitive, fame chasing vile ogre than Kris Jenner, and that’s putting it nicely! She can try to feed all the BS in the world to people about Bruce, how dark and moody he is, that he’s a homebody, etc. But everyone can see that she is, and has been, the very root of many problems that Bruce and all of her children have suffered with.

I know that we should pity Kris Jenner, rather than be repulsed by her, but it’s just too hard. What’s more is that she is the cause of all of the criticism she gets. That woman cannot act like the wife, mother and grandmother that she’s supposed to be; she’s too busy with her lame attempts to compete with her daughters. I remember reading all of the comments of disgust, after she tweeted a picture of herself, half-sloshed, wearing a sombrero with her old boobs sagging out. She dresses like a young woman who was built nice would dress, and she behaves like a teenager, so must be that she thinks that if she dresses the part, parties accordingly, and makes an even bigger ass of herself, she’ll turn back time. Sadly for her, she can have all of the plastic surgery in the world and it won’t make her attractive – she is black to the core!

Kris Jenner, it’s obvious, would do anything for attention, and I think that deep down, she knows that she’s a nobody who rode the coattails of all of her children, therefore making a fortune off of them, and in her mind this means she made a name for herself. All of that money, that mansion, the fancy cars, jewels and clothing, all of the fame whoring was for naught, as she cannot buy herself a shred of respect, and people shake their heads in disgust, not laughing with her, but rather laughing at her. Bruce Jenner on the other hand, I was shocked by the number of people who do want to know where he is now and what he’s doing. He’s gained his respect, people like and admire him, and he actually worked for it too. Bruce didn’t have to use his children for his income, didn’t have to make a sex tape with someone famous to even get on the map! Sadly, that is all that the Kardashian clan will ever be associated with, that is their claim to fame, and no matter what they ever do from here on out, that’s all they’ll ever really be, especially Kim!

While channel surfing, if you happen to come across the Kardashian show, all you have to do is watch for all of five minutes and you’ll see how poorly Kris treats Bruce. He is a decent, down to earth man, not into the disgusting fame whoring that Kris and the others are, Kris actually implied many times that Bruce wouldn’t know anything about being a “celebrity”, when in reality, Bruce is the only real celebrity on any of the shows. Kris tries to hide things from Bruce, excludes him from things going on, reprimands him for the littlest things, uses his game of golf with his friend, Angie as an excuse to go and meet up with her ex lover! What’s more pathetic is tat she had to run home to Bruce to tell him, wanting him to believe that any other man out there would find her desirable!

The fact that Kris Jenner wrote a book at all, shows how she has a, much too overblown opinion of herself, there aren’t a whole lot of people who give a damn in the least, about her. Despicable, that’s what it is to write a book about a man that you slept with while married, planting a seed in a child’s head that the only father they’d ever known, might not really be their father! What decent mother would do that, oops that’s right, I said decent mother. Furthermore, how dare anyone try to have a moment of silence for the 9/11 victims, how dare the country try to have that respect when Kris is doing an interview, no one wants to hear about her old fake boobs anyway, but she’ll keep twisting and wringing every last drop of that fame rag that she can. Her priorities are money, money, money, and oh yeah, fame, the poor old thing will wither away some more, without attention, dressing inappropriate, partying, getting plastic surgery, hounding anyone that she can, in her never ending quest for attention!

I wish Bruce well, I’m sure that he could be happy if he eliminates that negative, vile creature from his life. It’s harder for the Kardashian children though, because sadly for them, it’s their mother. I just know that if those kids could escape her clutches, they’d be so much happier, she has to inflict herself into every part of their lives, businesses and relationships, to keep herself in the public eye, meanwhile, they suffer. She knows that no one cares about her so, she lives through them and makes horrible decisions for them that they suffer from. I hope for their sakes, that they grow up enough to make their own decisions, instead of mommy dearest negotiating every aspect of their lives.

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