Some TV Networks Should Be Shut Down For Good!

17 Feb

I once thought that it was mainly the producers to blame, like Ryan Seacrest, now I’m of the belief that it’s the networks that are mostly to blame for the trash that’s become of television. Dumpster fare is what I call it, one only has to turn on their television to know what I mean. Take a serious look at what there is to choose from, a so called bounty hunter who has his wife posing as some counselor to the people they catch, because viewers want to see the bountiful sized, bleached haired woman with her sagging boobs hanging down, and her fake claws pointing out at the poor guys they catch. Or maybe after a long day at work, you want to sit down, relax and watch a family of backward, ill mannered, uneducated, crass people, playing in mud with the morbidly obese mother and the wannabe beauty queen daughter? Could you be in the mood for the pioneers of reality trash tv? The Kardashian nobodies who made millions from being nobodies, all starting with a trashy sex tape? How about a couple of gator catchers? A critter catcher? Some old men rooting around to find any snakes they can to cash in on their skins? Another bunch going out of their way to hunt wild hogs so tat they can kill them? A show about the Amish? Or the Hutterites? Maybe you’re a fan of some housewives of somewhere or other? Recently I saw an advertisement for a show that will be starting soon, about funerals! There’s a show about a man claiming to be some type of Mormon, and pretending to be married to four women, so not only is he breaking the law, he’s flaunting it in the face of the law and setting a really bad example.

Where the hell does it end, or does it ever? I think the biggest problem right now is that a show will be labeled “a hit”, but they must be going by the Nielsen ratings, the households that are Nielsen viewing households, make up 1% of the viewing public, one lousy percent, the problem is that the vast majority of us out here in the real world, don’t watch these so called hits and in fact loathe them! Take television back to what it should be, Dallas was a great show, one that left you dying to see what the next weeks episode held in store. The show was brought back and spoke for itself, other networks must have missed the memo that viewers want the normal shows that used to be, not the reality trash they air now!

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Posted by on February 17, 2013 in Primetime, Reality TV


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