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Animal Abusers!

Have you kissed your pet today? It’s disturbing how many dogs and cats don’t have a home, someone to love them, food and a simple drink of water.Whats even worse, is how many animals suffer abuse each and every day of their lives, it’s all they know, all that they think there is. Animals ask so little of us, and yet, they give so much, they remain loyal even when all they have been shown is hatred.

I have seen so many horrible things since working at a shelter, and though I have heard and seen the most evil things over and over again, it still to this day, turns my stomach each time. A tiny little beige kitten, only four weeks old was put into a small box, which was duct taped all around it, and thrown into a dumpster to die! His story had a happy ending, thankfully, he was found and brought in and has since been adopted. Far too many horrible stories though, don’t have a happy ending.

A beautiful brown and white Pit Bull had both the front and back legs tied tightly, duct tape all around his snout, he was closed into a garbage can in temps over a hundred degrees, after he’d been beaten severely, causing bleeding in the brain and suffering from broken ribs! Another Pit Bull, whose only crime was her unwillingness to fight, had severe burns covering her entire body, presumably from lighter fluid, also causing blindness in both of her eyes. Another black and brown Pit Bull, had his head smashed in with a brick, because he too, refused to fight.

A small black male cat, four months old, though you’d never know it by how emaciated he was, had been put into, and kept in a small box, not given food or water. By the time he was thrown out along the road, his legs had been permanently affected from being confined to such a small place for so long, causing him to be semi crippled for the rest of his life. A five month old white cat was dropped outside of a womans home, in bitter cold temps, closed in a carrier with no blanket, food or water. When she got home and found this poor skeletal cat, she rushed her to the vet, they gave her fluids and tried to force feed her, the vet had never seen a cat so starved, still breathing, her temp was too low to register a reading. She took the cat home, put her in bed next to her, on a heating pad and tried to rub her all night, to get her blood flowing, but the cat passed away in the morning hours. It had been too late, her organs had already started to shut down from no food or water for so very long!

A tiny two month old little Tabby male found his way to my door eleven years ago, he was starving and covered with, what appeared to be cigarette burns, needless to say, I saw to his burns and he is still with me today. A long haired black female was found, locked in an abandoned house along with her five little babies. By the time someone discovered them in the house, two of the babies had died and the others were in critical shape. The mothers organs were beginning to shut down from starvation and dehydration, her owners moved way and left her locked up in there, knowing that she was due to give birth!

What is wrong with people? Why is there so much animal abuse and neglect? These animals can’t pick up the phone and ask for help, they can’t fend for themselves or defend themselves against cruel people. I believe that whatever a person does to hurt an animal, any animal at all, the same should be done to them! These people are no better than poachers, some of the lowest life forms, and they need to be dealt with severely! If you don’t already have a pet, perhaps you should consider getting an animal from a shelter, the kill shelters are always over full and putting many to sleep!

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Thank You To All Anti Reality Petitioners!

I want to say thank you, to all of you out there, who have started or signed a petition, especially if it pertained to television programming. There are far too few viewers who care enough to try and put a stop to some of the reality trash that’s now being aired on television. There was another reality show about a man and all of the women he’d had kids with, slated to air, until thankfully, a petition was circulated and signed by enough people to make the network pull the stupid show! I truly believe that there are many shows that need to be taken off the air, starting with the reality trash kings themselves, the Kardashians.

It infuriates me that a show will be called a “smash hit”, when they reach that conclusion simply from the Nielsen viewer households, which make up an entire 1% of all viewing households! It’s ludicrous when the rest of us viewers, pay for our cable services, only to be bombarded with reality garbage, or as I like to call it, dumpster fare. Get rid of the trash reality shows, that’s all, keep the ones that really are tolerable to watch, and get rid of the rest, or will it take umpteen more petitions, to see results?

Who on earth would want their children to watch crap like Honey Boo Boo? A family of overweight, self proclaimed Hillbillies with no manners, seemingly uneducated, bidding on food at discount prices? Or watch a family of nobodies, famous for being nobodies, which one made a sex tape to have her mommy dearest sell to the highest bidder, that was their big claim to fame! The list is endless of stupid reality shows, someone needs to make one big petition, and list the countless dumpster fare on it, all at once, to put a stop to it and take back our television fare.

There is nothing interesting or educational about most of the reality shows on, watching a posse of Jersey Shore wannabes, Iranians getting slop drunk and flaunting their wealth, or a housewife reject who cant sing, wearing her wigs to try and make sales, no thanks. Not only have we had these people taking up time on a reality show, but the next thing you know,they’re given a talk show to boot! Some of these networks are not only greedy, they’re moronic and need to stop the madness! We have enough trouble in this society with teenage pregnancy, drunkenness,you name it, but we don’t need it glamorized too!

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Bravos Dumpster Fare Reality Show “Stars”!

I thought that Bravo had sunk as low as it possibly could, for airing such reality dumpster fare I was wrong! What Bravo has done, and it’s far worse, promoting such reality nobodies into, authors, actresses, fashion designers, radio show hosts, these people have made more money than their worth by paying them to be on the shows. It is disgusting how these people (women really) have been cast to be on a reality show which supposedly revolves around their everyday lives. Yet, they are paid, have expensive vacations that Bravo pays for, I doubt these women pay for any thing at all, they just want us to believe that they do.

Bethanny, one of the NY housewives, who wasn’t even a wife for the longest time, is being given her own talk show! Ugh! Nothing qualifies that woman for that position, any more than Kim (RHOA) is qualified to be a singer. Do you realize all of the reality nobodies that Bravo has allowed to promote themselves, Alexis (RHOC) played “news” caster, Teresa (RHNJ) is a cook and author, Nene (RHOA) is an actress, Melissa (RHNJ) another one who acts like she can sing, Kim has a wig line, Gretchen has a cosmetic line, Alexis also thinks that she can design clothes, the list goes on and on.

Then, there are those “housewives”, who thrive on being on tv, just being seen goes to their heads and makes them unbearable to watch at all. Kyle Richards is the most desperate for camera time, one cringes when they see how she will go to any lengths to get more camera time. If someone else is having a conversation, she injects herself into it, if the camera is on someone else who has something interesting going on, she has to inflict herself into that, as well. Bravo needs to trim the fat, I can see where the housewife shows will lose popularity, if they show some courage and make some cuts and new additions, it could be a smash hit. Start with the Demi Moore wannabe, Kyle Richards brings nothing what so ever to the show, in fact, she affects it in a negative way, as far as viewers go!

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To Save The Housewives Franchise

I think that the Real Housewives shows are rapidly losing their steam, why? Because Bravo can’t seem to tell the assets from the liabilities, on each of their shows. Take the RHOBH for starters, there are bad personalities that viewers love to watch, there are those likable ones that are fan favorites, and then there are those that are “fillers”, all they do is to fill minutes of the hour, and nothing else, viewers don’t like them and don’t want to watch them.

Lisa Vanderpump is a likable one to watch, sure drama swirls around her too, but she makes the show interesting. The only negative about her, is that she attached her name to another garbage reality show, where she doesn’t appear all that much but rather a group of fame chasing, drunken, Jersey Shore wannabe’s, who are unattractive to watch, and to look at!

Brandi Glanville has a raunchy mouth, but brings more drama, and the allure of watching her is that she’ll tell it like it is, in no uncertain terms, something the other women aren’t used to doing. All of the drama that she adds, is what helps to bring viewers to the show.

Camille Grammer, at first was not someone that viewers saw as human, then as time went on, we thought that she was becoming more decent, we were wrong. In spite of her taking Adrienne’s side, being in the wrong, she is still able to help a little in viewers tuning in.

Yolanda Foster is a newer addition and hard to read right now, she seems like another snooty woman, who married a wealthy man, and looks down her nose onto the little people. Who knows, maybe she’ll turn out to be half way decent as time goes on, we’ll see.

Taylor Armstrong is a train wreck, she’s far outlived her usefulness on the show. I know that she went through a terrible time when her husband died, but that in itself, made people disgusted to even have to look at her. It’s sad to even see her on the show, she seems out of it, and often…….. “out of sorts”.

Adrienne Maloof has to go, to have any hope of the show doing well, she brings nothing to the table, unless maybe she’ll want to bring a lawsuit? Watching her sit with a straight face and back stab, lie and criticize has become old, long ago.

Marisa Zanuck and Faye Resnick, well it’s still early with those two to tell, however, why any show would bring Faye on board is a huge mystery. No drama, just looking for five minutes of fame, besides that, there is nothing in the least, endearing about her, nothing. Basically, she was just a waste of money, as far as paying her anything, no one wants to watch her.

And then we have Kyle and Kim, Kyle is the biggest liability of them all. The fact that Kim is okay to watch doesn’t even save Kyle, watching them as sisters is stomach turning. All Kyle does is to criticize Kim, mother her instead of being a good sister! The Demi Moore wannabe is the single biggest blemish of the show, every scene, even if two other women are having a discussion, she has to inflict herself to get that airtime extended! She is loud, trouble making (not in a good way) and her absolute desperation for fame is distracting when a viewer is trying to watch and follow what’s happening with the others.

Bravo needs to trim the fat in order to bring this show back to it’s former glory. And we haven’t even mentioned the other shows, the same applies, and I hope it’s soon before every last viewer, turns the channel.

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