Bravos Dumpster Fare Reality Show “Stars”!

03 Mar

I thought that Bravo had sunk as low as it possibly could, for airing such reality dumpster fare I was wrong! What Bravo has done, and it’s far worse, promoting such reality nobodies into, authors, actresses, fashion designers, radio show hosts, these people have made more money than their worth by paying them to be on the shows. It is disgusting how these people (women really) have been cast to be on a reality show which supposedly revolves around their everyday lives. Yet, they are paid, have expensive vacations that Bravo pays for, I doubt these women pay for any thing at all, they just want us to believe that they do.

Bethanny, one of the NY housewives, who wasn’t even a wife for the longest time, is being given her own talk show! Ugh! Nothing qualifies that woman for that position, any more than Kim (RHOA) is qualified to be a singer. Do you realize all of the reality nobodies that Bravo has allowed to promote themselves, Alexis (RHOC) played “news” caster, Teresa (RHNJ) is a cook and author, Nene (RHOA) is an actress, Melissa (RHNJ) another one who acts like she can sing, Kim has a wig line, Gretchen has a cosmetic line, Alexis also thinks that she can design clothes, the list goes on and on.

Then, there are those “housewives”, who thrive on being on tv, just being seen goes to their heads and makes them unbearable to watch at all. Kyle Richards is the most desperate for camera time, one cringes when they see how she will go to any lengths to get more camera time. If someone else is having a conversation, she injects herself into it, if the camera is on someone else who has something interesting going on, she has to inflict herself into that, as well. Bravo needs to trim the fat, I can see where the housewife shows will lose popularity, if they show some courage and make some cuts and new additions, it could be a smash hit. Start with the Demi Moore wannabe, Kyle Richards brings nothing what so ever to the show, in fact, she affects it in a negative way, as far as viewers go!

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Posted by on March 3, 2013 in Primetime, Reality TV


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