Canada’s Yearly Slaughter Begins!

14 Apr

It seems that Canada is conducting their yearly butcher fest, yet again! Murdering ungodly numbers of seals, most of them babies, but they murder and mar many of the mothers who attempt to protect their young, and fathers meet just as grizzly a fate, when they are castrated while still alive, and then left to slowly die, bleeding out and in excruciating agony while doing so.

What the hell is wrong with the Canadian people, who allow such brutality?  Why senselessly, brutally, massacre innocent lives? Babies, very docile seals with no way to protect themselves, no way to escape, as they cannot even really swim yet. Why is this behavior accepted? These Canadian butchers, club these babies in their little skulls, most of the time they aren’t even dead when they are skinned, they suffer horrifically as they lay, literally in piles, with the other mortally wounded, suffering, as the hours slowly pass, until they are skinned! Imagine that, and imagine this is your child, or even your beloved pet, you can’t even protect them, you can only watch in terror as they maim them all, and then go and castrate your significant other, while you watch!

Why is it okay for any people, in any country, to decide that they will slaughter hundreds and thousands of innocent seals? It is all of our problem, all of us, the planet and all sea life, everywhere, it’s our responsibility to take care of it. There are only so many of every species, too many have already become extinct, and at this rate, too many more will be. We need to ban together and put a stop to Canada’s brutality, obviously the Canadian people don’t give a damn! It’s cruel, vile, disgusting, wrong, and evil!

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Posted by on April 14, 2013 in All Things Animals


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