Hardcore PAWN Ashley Already

17 Apr

Okay, so late one night, a few weeks ago while I was channel surfing to try and find something halfway decent to watch, I came across this Hardcore Pawn show, yes, a dumb ass reality show of course, isn’t that 99% of all that’s offered now days? I gave the show a fair shake and tried not to fault it right off the bat just because it was a reality show. I guess that I was hoping against hope, that this show would be different than the other trash that airs. Maybe the jury is still out, but I’ll tell you what disgusted me, and I hope that it doesn’t make anyone else form a negative opinion of Detroit.

The Ashley character turned my stomach, who the hell does she think that she is? Hard to believe that the owner, her own father, would allow such vile behavior from her, even if she is his daughter. There was an old man that came to the hock shop, he had a bunch of worthless stuff, as she put it, except for some jewelry that she was all too willing to rob, er buy from him for the usual pittance. When he went to the window to collect his cash, that he seemed to desperately need, she gave him the money and told him to go now and take a bath and brush his teeth! He didn’t have any bottom teeth and she said it like he was a scum! Well let me tell her something, maybe that man couldn’t afford to get teeth, maybe he didn’t even have a home or decent clothing, how dare her, of all people, have anything to say to anyone!

Not everyone has a daddy to provide them with employment, give them a big fat paycheck, basically make it possible to pay rent for a place or own a home! As far as Assley being judgmental of that poor old guy, look in the mirror you hypocritical twit, how dare you make fun of anyone. That man could have said, well honey, go take a bath yourself, because as overweight as you are, you must sweat like a hog and stink worse than one, and we wont even discuss your looks (or lack of good looks) because you cant help it! There were many vthings he could have responded with, but then again, he might not have received his money if she got mad and threw him out.

Les seems to coddle his children to the point where it’s hard to believe that it hasn’t ruined the business! Or perhaps he feels that he’s too old to run the place without the two of them, which is amazing, because he gets pushy and mouthy with customers, as long as he has his burly bodyguard next to him! He should make the two kids go out into the real world, get real jobs and make livings on their own, then in a few years, maybe they will know how to behave in society after earning their own ways, instead of daddy giving them everything! Now that would then make the show worth watching!

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Posted by on April 17, 2013 in Primetime, Reality TV


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