Will We All Lose Our Right To Bear Arms, Soon?

19 Apr

Can you imagine, having all of your guns taken away from you, and being unable to purchase a firearm because you’re on medication? If you can’t, buckle up because at the rate things are going, it may well happen to all of us, everywhere in this country!

So many Americans are depressed and on medication today, is that a reason to prevent them from purchasing a firearm? Many Americans also have trouble getting to sleep, some with more severe insomnia than others, is that a reason? Anyone taking medications that are considered psychotropic, may soon be unable to buy or own a firearm! Do you have any idea how many medications that includes? Sleep aids, antidepressants, anti-psychotics, anti anxiety medications, certain anti convulsive meds. I once took Vistaril because I was have a severe allergic reaction to something, I was scratching the skin on my legs, that medication is included. Topamax, a mood stabilizing drug, that is sometimes used to treat migraine headaches, it is also included! I guess the bottom line here is that a huge percent of the population would not be able to buy or own a firearm! Will all of those people that require pain management for anything be included? Most likely.

It’s more than just a little disturbing, how many rights we, as Americans, don’t really have. There is no such thing as privacy anymore, and this type of legislation would have such a huge domino effect on many things. Physicians would have to report patients on certain medications, destroying the doctor patient relationship and making your doctor the bad guy. People that have serious psychiatric issues may very well not seek help, for fear that they would be labeled and never be able to possess a firearm.

Crime and killing are terrible things, however, nearly every study ever done on the subject has proven beyond any doubt, where there are more gun owners, there is less crime, period! There will always be those bad apples that have psycho minds, that want to kill no matter what or who they kill, it seems that with or without guns, they will continue to do so. Guns are not the problem, people are, and robbing every American of one of their constitutional rights is, by no means, the answer. It will serve only to create more anger and resentment in this country, and believe me, we do not need any more than we already seem to have!

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Posted by on April 19, 2013 in Politics


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