CMT Is Stooping As Low, If Not Lower, Than Bravo Now!

23 Apr

I thought that CMT was a halfway decent network, that is until I recently saw that they are allowing the moronic Dog And Beth, to air on their network! To put it nicely, those clowns have outlived their fifteen minutes, by far. There aren’t many viewers who want to see a man old enough to know better, running around in leather, with feathers in the hair that must be down to his rear end by now, playing Marshall! What’s worse is having to see his side kick, fat too obese to run around in leather, with her boobs dragging behind her, showing off her overly fake claws that would take someones eye out! Playing counselor to the people that they chase like Blood Hounds! Perhaps she’s not aware of her age, or size, and is regressing in her endless quest to milk a few more minutes of her fleeting fame!

This show was lucky to have ever been televised, it’s time to put it to rest already, they have made more than they ever should have, from fames gravy train, as it is. CMT should take pride in what it has to offer viewers, not take someone else’s seconds or thirds! These two set a very bad, disgusting example for everyone, stick to the show Cops, or something else legit, and put an end to this madness already, everyones sick of it!

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Posted by on April 23, 2013 in Primetime, Reality TV


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