Weis / Mr Z’s Hatred Of Animals?

29 Apr

There is a Weis grocery store, not far from where I live in Pennsylvania. Outside of the store, there were several homeless cats, no home, no food, no water, no shelter! One day a kind stranger came along and saw these poor cats shivering in the snow, with no provisions what so ever, she decided that she would do what she could for them. She took wood and built a small shelter for them and returned each and every day with food and water. A few other strangers pitched in and helped with the food and such and have been trying to find a way to begin trapping them so that they can be fixed, have a medical check up,  and be released, the problem is that the low lives that also live in the town, would jump at the chance to get hold of any of the cats, to abuse them, or worse.

Recently the store had the shelter ripped down, got rid of the food and water dishes, and claimed that there had been a complaint from a store customer! Well, I am also a regular store customer, and I think that Weis / Mr Z’s is cruel and neglectful! How dare anyone have a problem with shelter and something to eat and drink, how dare they! If those cats are taken to the SPCA, they will be killed, no sugar coating it, no hope in the world, they will put them to sleep, their way of saying that they will murder each and every one of them! Those animals didn’t ask to be living on the streets, didn’t ask to be left to scavenge whatever food they used to have to, from any dumpster they could find, didn’t ask to have so much as a drink of water begrudged them!

Shame on the store, shame on the entire chain, shame on the managers, shame on the customer more than anyone! Why not help if you can? Why not allow those poor cats to live? They bother no one and are afraid of most everyone, with good reason, from those that have abused them, throwing rocks, chasing them and screaming at them as they try to run them over!


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