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Mermaids The New Evidence Leaves Even More Questions

Animal Planet has always been my favorite network, hands down, and with the Mermaids installments, it’s proved that it remains a force to be reckoned with. Rarely have I seen a topic that has positively, mesmerized viewers, like the Mermaids topic, sadly, other networks will probably attempt to jump on the bandwagon, and come up with some lame show or other.

Okay, so as for the Mermaids the new evidence show, did it look to anyone else like the video the American tourists taped of the mermaid on the rock, like the mermaid had hair? It certainly seemed like it, but as we have already established, they do not have hair, I’m assuming that hair would only serve to cause drag in the water. As for the video shot during the rescue exercise, clearly that was not a seal, so someone tell me, why on earth does the Government continue to deny and to cover up such things? Are Mermaids a threat to national security? I still say that it is because they realize that most of the people in the world would have a problem with these creatures being killed off, like so many other species have been, and are being.

So many questions….. how is it that these creatures know to avoid us? They are intelligent enough to develop weapons to hunt fish, but does it end there? Do they believe in a higher power, or do they wonder how it is that they came to be? The first show stated, when they explained the aquatic ape theory, that when our ancestors began eating food from the sea, it accelerated brain function, their intelligence, that being said, wouldn’t these creatures be more intelligent than us? Did you ever wonder why it is, that dolphins are friendly with humans? And the fact that they help catch fish in certain countries, being intelligent enough to remain calm when the nets cover them? Interesting. Remember the woman who was diving in the ocean among the whales? Suddenly the whale, as if playing, pulled her by the leg deep down into the water until she thought that she was going to drown. As if sensing that she was in trouble, the whale shot her up to the waters surface!

Animal Planet really outdid themselves with these shows, capturing the attention of all of us. I fear that now though, there are some out there that will try to be big shots and go in search of these creatures. Obviously they have existed, pretty much from the start, and have not wanted to be found, and with good reason. I agree that we cannot co exist with any new species, men are too quick to want to kill that which they cannot understand. Of course, I do believe that the Government knows a hell of a lot more than they pretend to, if they had a Mermaid in captivity for any length of time, as reported on the first show, you know damned well that when it died, they dissected it, gathered all of the information one could possibly gather. Still, in typical political fashion, they deny, deny, deny, and claim that no such creature exists!

I would love to know more, as I’m sure all of you would, but not at the expense of killing off another, entire, type of species, that may or may not be relatives to mankind. The way the Oriental people slaughter whales, I wouldn’t be surprised if they too, now go out and hunt these poor creatures down. They are safer wherever it is they are, and must be pretty damned smart to know to avoid humans. It’s heartbreaking that they cannot avoid their weapons though, that’s probably the reason that the government doesn’t come clean, because they don’t want to stop the testing that’s killing so much marine life, they want to continue making their weapons of mass destruction, at all costs.


Mermaids The New Evidence

Isn’t it something that after all of the information that has come out, pertaining to the new species (Mermaids), the Government still continues to allow the sonar testing, thereby killing ungodly numbers of marine life, as well as, who knows how many yet undiscovered species! Why? Why would the Government cover up such an incredible find? It can’t be religion, because religion can co exist with this type of discovery. They cannot pose a threat to us, in any way, quite the opposite I fear. I can only guess that because the species are so closely related to us, it’s like they are killing our own kind.

History doesn’t lie, for as long as there has been Government and military, there have also been cover ups from the start. I’m sure there are still skeptics out there, but the video shown last night speaks for itself, sure there are scams out there, more of them than factual evidence, but you also have to ask, why would legitimate men come forward with it, exposing themselves to ridicule from their peers? Why bother at all?

I personally believe that it would be ignorant not to believe that there are new species out there yet to be discovered, especially in the oceans of the world. face it, men have intruded on nearly every last inch of this planets land, but there are a vast number of places deep in the ocean that we never have been able to explore. I think it’s a huge mistake to drill in the seas, haven’t we trashed this planet enough already? So many animals have become extinct through no fault of their own, simply because men thought it macho to kill them, and thanks to over population, they have no habitats left of their own, the same will happen to these Mermaids, if there are even enough left to procreate, that is!

It seems that the military testing will continue, no matter what the price is, and any hope at all of preserving these elusive, mysterious creatures, will be gone forever. I think the testing should have stopped the first time that it killed so many whales, dolphins and other marine life, but as we’ve all seen, they have continued it. Why is it not okay to abuse and kill cats and dogs and other land animals, yet it is perfectly acceptable to wipe out entire families of marine life? And what horrible, painful deaths all of those whales, dolphins and mermaids died! Once again, man has slaughtered innocent life, and for what? To test some new weapon? Weapons that I’m sure, in the scheme of things wont help anyway. What is that saying about all of the countries standing in puddles of gasoline, each with their own matches?

The cost of these tests is simply not worth it, and the saddest part of all is that it shouldn’t be stopped just because of these mermaids, it should be stopped because of the countless lives in total, that the testing has resulted in being lost! I truly hope that after all of this attention, people ban together and demand that changes be made, demand a stop to the sonar testing, and demand that the drilling cease, or at the very least, keep it to a bare minimum!