Weight Loss Secret?A Pic Of Kim K.s Arse!

12 May

I just saw a picture of Kim Kardashian, ugh,the skank is pregnant and wearing a dress with a see through back, with a thong on underneath! Now I don’t get it, they compare her directly, side by side with a whale, yet the twit wears something like that! I guess we should all be grateful though, that we haven’t heard about her having made any recent sex tapes with anyone! But wait, she has a couple more months of pregnancy to go, doesn’t she?

I loathe hearing these ignorant people say that no one should pick on Kim K. for her weight, because she’s pregnant. Just like they say with the morbidly obese people, the truth sometimes hurts, yes, but don’t these people have the slightest clue about healthy lifestyles and healthy eating habits? It is unhealthy to pound food into your face, to the point where you become comparable to a whale. We have all seen the pictures of her shoveling food into her mouth, packing on pond after pound, thinking that being pregnant was an excuse for the massive weight gain. Too much weight gain is absolutely not healthy for any pregnant woman, period. Sure, if she didn’t shove herself into the public eye every chance she could, then no one would notice her becoming overweight, but she is where she is because, she put herself there, so stop the nonsense blubbering about it already!

If Kim K. didn’t like to be referred to as a Ho, then she shouldn’t act or dress like one, if you don’t like people pointing out that you look like the size of a whale, eat moderately. A pregnant woman should dress accordingly, of all people, Kim K. should most definitely NOT have her lard arse visible, I mean, she was a fat ass before she was pregnant, now, it’s more offensive than ever! Cover it up, no one wants to see that, of course a picture of that is a great way to lose weight, because when anyone looks at that, not only do they want to vomit dinner up, they become afraid to eat for fear that their ass, will end up the size of hers, pregnant or not!

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Posted by on May 12, 2013 in Primetime, Reality TV


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