Doctors and Celebrities Abusing C-Sections!

09 Jun

Physicians take oaths, they promise to do no harm, these oaths aren’t to be taken lightly and just because times change, the promise to do what is best for the patient does not. Any type of surgery can have risks and doctors know it, wealth should not affect whether or not a doctor will agree to do surgery, either.

I am shocked and sickened by these doctors who do Cesarean sections as a matter of convenience, especially for the rich, the celebrities. I read where Jessica Simpson decided that she wants to have her baby two to three weeks ahead of schedule! Since when is it okay to tell your doctor when the baby will arrive? What the hell ever happened to having a baby when nature decides it’s time? Unless of course, there are complications and you have to have a c-section to save the baby’s life. Physicians who perform c-sections, just because should have their licenses taken away from them, never to practice medicine again!

Call me old fashioned, but a womans body, and the baby know when it’s time, enough interfering just because some celebrity has to go out of town, or because the “star” has a feeling that the kid should arrive when she wants it to, be a woman and do what women have done since the beginning of time, let it happen naturally! I blame the doctors with this particular problem going on, these spoiled celebrities have no clue, they are used to their money getting them whatever it is they want. They aren’t planning their lives around their kid, their planning their kids, around their lives, and it’s disgusting!

If Jessica Simpson is terrified that something will go wrong, just because she has a feeling that is bull, it is not a reason to indulge her! It’s said that she’s intuitive, really? ALL women are intuitive, again, it’s not a reason to tell your doctor when to take the kid, and to do it via c-section! This madness has to stop, always interfering with mother nature, and doctors should know better! I guess it’s true, I guess that money really can buy you anything!


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