A Grave Warning About Signing Hospital Forms!

17 Jun

I recently had a nightmare of a problem, both with my health, and with an area hospital, take my advice, do not sign anything in a hospital, without reading it yourself or having someone with you, read it first! The hospital staff all know that when you are in severe distress, you aren’t likely to read what they put it front of you before signing it, most of the time you aren’t able to.

I went for nearly a week with severe pain until I couldn’t stand it anymore and went to a local clinic, after my doctor didn’t return my calls after three days. The physician there wanted to call an ambulance as he believed that I was suffering from an abdominal aortic aneurysm, they weren’t an urgent care facility and he convinced me to get to the hospital immediately. Living in northeastern Pennsylvania in the country, the closest hospital was in Scranton, so I went to Moses Taylor.

After registering, the nurse took me in to get a history and my vitals, she also drew blood, after sticking my veins four times, and digging in the veins for five minutes. Then she took me back to a curtained area and left me there for two hours in agony, until I walked out! During that time, sitting there with the nurses right there in sight behind the desk, gossiping and not doing much else, no one so much as came into the area I was in, no one said one word or acknowledged that I was there.

Since it was Friday, I made it home and planned on trying to suffer through it until Monday when I’d call and beg my doctor to help me. Saturday afternoon a nurse from the hospital called my house, she said that they’d gotten the results from my blood work and I needed to come back in right away. All I could get out of her was that I was severely anemic, she said she could tell me that since I was already aware and that my glucose was extremely high, as well. She wouldn’t tell me what was so pressing, about the results and insisted I come back, so I did.

Again, I sat there waiting until a so called doctor came in, pressed on my stomach and told me that he’s have the nurse take care of my pain, and they would do some tests on me. In the meantime, two hours go by and a girl comes in with papers for me to sign, she said they were just consent to treat forms. After she’d left, my mother who was with me, began looking the forms over. This girl checked the box giving permission for them to take any images pertaining to me, for teaching and other purposes, I didn’t approve of that. She also wrote on her hand writing that there would be a $100.00 co pay, for the semi private room they put me in! The real clincher, was that they have you sign, giving permission for them to release your records, and do not tell you to what parties your confidential records will be released to! If you question that, they’ll claim that you will be billed and the insurance will not pay, otherwise! This is not true, be extremely careful with what a hospital has you sign, or you might very well be sorry!

I ended up walking out, after hours of sitting there with no tests done besides more blood work, no pain relief, no one giving the slightest damn,until I went to walk out. A nurse that three people said they’d get, for over an hour and couldn’t find, came and said that she was just coming in to treat my pain and do some tests. I went back in, they drew more blood and the doctor came back in, after explaining about a surgery I needed but couldn’t be done, due to the anemia and asking if they could do an ultra sound to see if that was the problem, he rudely, loudly talked over me, I hurt so bad I turned to my mother and asked her to try and explain it to him. He said to her sarcastically, an who are you, doctor _____? I said, she’s my mother, who’d know my medical history a hell of a lot better than you! I got up to leave and he said not to move until I signed some form, because it was likely a serious problem I had. I told him no, I wasn’t signing anything else, since he told me the blood work was all in order!

Not only is Moses Taylor Hospital, filled with many so called doctors, who I wouldn’t trust to look at my cat, it isn’t the cleanest hospital around, not at all! It seems that some of the medical staff, didn’t get the memo about universal precautions, and wearing gloves for their own and the patients protection. When you live in a small town and aren’t close to any of the bigger cities with the better hospitals, it can be a matter of life and death. Please hear me well, and read ever last line of the forms that they want you to sign, before doing so. Have someone with you if you aren’t able, since most people are in a bad way when they go there and don’t have the foggiest idea!

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