Cesspool Society!Death Of Religion!Homosexuality!

27 Jun

This Paula Dean situation has me so awfully disgusted with the state of things in this country, I can’t even begin to tell you! My grandfather always said that the only thing that will fix this country is another civil war, I never understood why he was so sure that such a strong action would ever even be needed, until now! There is zero privacy left for any of us, even our own government spies on us, we’re in danger of losing our right to bear arms, and there is no such thing of freedom of speech. Sad that our own citizens are the ones that have robbed the rest of us, that, along with our freedom of religion! They went so far as to disallow prayer in schools!

Back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s life was totally different, people had some religion, currently most children don’t know God and have never heard of the ten commandments, parents don’t make it a priority! Yes, back in the day, most teens went to the drive in rather than go out partying all the time, getting slop drunk and having sex with anyone they could find. Girl’s weren’t encouraged to get pregnant, safe sex wasn’t an issue because they were taught abstinence instead. Freedom of speech was a reality and those gays that were around, they kept their preferences to themselves, rather than flaunt their sex lives. Can you imagine them having the audacity to have ever pushed for the rights given to married men and women, back then?

In those days many people were able to go to bed, without stressing about whether or not they locked all of their doors and windows! Crime wasn’t nearly as bad as it’s become, but what do you expect in a world that’s become far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah? Step back and look at it 100 percent unbiased, without feelings and just letting your logic lead. Don’t let the fact that you might have a gay friend or relative, influence you. Now, think of the Bible, where in that book did you ever see it written that a couple of the same sex should be married? Where does it say that God finds that acceptable? Before you spend a year trying to look, I’ll tell you, you will not find either in the Bible anywhere! Once again, people want to change the word of God, to say what they want, attempting to justify their behavior, their actions, their lust, their sins. In the not so far future, many of us will rue the day that churches will cave in and allow gay marriages, pre marital sex and Heaven forbid, suppressing our right to freedom of speech!

Now I truly believe that God is all loving, that if we follow his word, we will indeed be rewarded. However, the Bible lets us know that while he is a loving God, he will not allow sinners to be rewarded, or for the good books words to be twisted, warped and downright contradicted! It may be a drastic example, but think of a torturing, thieving, abusive brute, who slaughtered twenty people and nineteen of them were small, innocent children. Can you imagine him standing at the gates of Heaven saying that nowhere in the Bible did it say that one couldn’t slaughter 1 adult and 19 children? That those words weren’t written there? How about a gay man standing there, saying that the good book stated that a man shall not lay with another man, and that he and his partner only stood? Or, the same telling God what the book that God wrote did and did not say? How if it was a sin, then why did so many others in the world, also condone it and push for their equality? Huh, there will be endless others in line behind him, who will have to turn back and take a 1 way ride into hell!

Please understand, a good Christian shouldn’t hate or abuse homosexuals, but when it is condoned by a person, it then becomes their sin as well. By agreeing that they should have all of these different rights that are expressly afforded to normal married men and women, well that is the same as you yourself being gay! There’s something else you can forever search the Bible for, and wont find, nowhere does it say that you can be a homosexual, you should go out into the streets pissing and whining about not having rights that a man and woman have, or that you should publicly speak about your sexual likes & dislikes, preferences, sexual positions, etc. Take a lesson from normal heterosexuals, keep such things private! That should be common sense, at the very least, as well as common courtesy!


2 responses to “Cesspool Society!Death Of Religion!Homosexuality!

  1. Edith Kiram

    June 27, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    It’s a really nice change to find a little gem of honesty in the sea of paranoia the internet has become. Thank you for this post.

    As a religious woman, I can agree with just about everything you’ve said here. I’m sick and tired of pregnant teens/children, I don’t approve of homosexuality, and I don’t think gay marriage should be legalized, but I don’t really mind gay people themselves all that much (so long as they’re not so publicly open that it makes it uncomfortable to talk to them). So long as I myself am not gay, it doesn’t really harm me in any way, even if those I know personally are, in fact, gay.

    I don’t normally comment on posts, but there’s one major thing I really, really love about what you’ve said here – “a good Christian shouldn’t hate or abuse homosexuals”. I honestly think that this is the very reason religion is dead. The only religious people non-believers get wind of are the hardcore Bible-thumpers that are so intense about their beliefs and cause so much misery and spread so much hatred that they actually bring a /bad name/ to their religion. Westboro Baptist Church is a very good example of this – I’m sure you’ve heard of them, they’re infamous. their hate message is intense and disgusting, and while I can somewhat understand disliking homosexuality, wishing death on them like WBC does is going too far.

    This comment is getting long, so as a summary, I’ll just say that I think so long as it doesn’t affect someone directly, they should just leave the gay people be, and that the gay people should leave the straight people be and be happy they’re not persecuted as badly anymore – marriage is tedious anyway, why would they want to fight for that? Religion should be taught to the next generation, but it won’t be, as it would interrupt the partying schedule of the children who are parents. The world would be a better place if everyone would just keep their legs closed and their personal business to themselves.

    • thesmartcritic

      June 27, 2013 at 7:10 pm

      Edith, thank you so much for such a candid comment to my post. It’s good to know that there are people out there who do not have to hide their feelings on such sensitive subjects. That in itself is a huge problem, those of us that don’t approve of what others want us to, have to be ridiculed. You are a ray of hope, in a world gone mad.


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