Paula Dean Verifies A CRITICAL Fact!

27 Jun

Paula Dean proves the point that others, including me, have tried to make, freedom of speech is dead, there is no such thing anymore! A person cannot be entitled to their own opinions, because if they differ from those of other people, they are crucified! I don’t give a damn if you’re in the public eye or if you’re a hermit, the problem is that the majority of those people who throw stones, want others who see things differently to keep it to themselves and lie about their feelings, yet gays can flaunt their homosexuality and push for the same rights that were given to heterosexuals! Look out, anyone who believes that homosexuals should keep their sex lives private like normal heterosexual couples do, and stop fighting against nature pushing for the same things that God allowed a man and a woman to share, run for the hills if you won’t blatantly lie and say that it’s okay, you approve, it’s not a sin!

Can’t the vast majority of more mature folks remember (heterosexual folk), back when it was frowned upon for our young to go out having sex with anything that moved? Partying and taking drugs and ending up pregnant? When if you were gay, you kept it private? When people put value on carrying on their own bloodlines? Hell, even crime was drastically lower in the world! A time when religion mattered, people went to church and cared as to what the Bible said, rather than trying to twist the word of God? Anyone who has ever read the Bible knows that altering any of the words was a sin in itself! It isn’t enough that people have tried to kill God all together, but they have also tried to erase the good book as well, claiming that God doesn’t have a problem with a man laying with a man, or a woman laying with a woman, that he gave us no commandments, that he’ll love us no matter how many, or which of his laws we break!

It’s ironic because I’ve never really liked Paula Dean, I mean, I don’t know her but saw her a couple of times on television. But now, she is a victim, like so many others, at the hands of those who live in their glass houses, watch out, karma’s a bitch and will come back to bite hard! How dare anyone criticize her for her own personal opinions, how dare she lose anything as a result of not pretending to think the way that other people want her to! How many Caucasians have been discriminated against, yet we tend not to piss and moan about it, trying to use it to gain attention or cry fowl! You know, I have friends that are African American, but I am so damned tired of this racial complaining bull shit, that’s what made all of us suffer to begin with, when it came to the Presidential election, enough is enough!

I truly hope that those people out there who agree that Paula Dean’s freedom of speech, has caused her demise of sorts, ban together and do something about it! Otherwise, if this madness isn’t stopped now, we’ll all pay in the long run. The rights that every one of us were once given, are in danger of being lost forever, from the right to bear arms, to our very freedom of speech! We can’t even look to our so called President, as I’m sure I can guess where he’ll stand on the matter! There is endless room on the bandwagon, jump on so that we can do something about it!



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