Freedom Of Speech Is ALREADY Dead!

09 Jul

Only in America I’ll tell you, there is no privacy left anywhere, and as we all have come to see for ourselves, freedom of speech is a thing of the past, already extinct! They are trying to take away our right to bear arms, what’s next? I’m beginning to think that not one of us has any rights left, why were those rights put into place to begin with, I mean, you would think that they were created to protect us, but what does it matter anyway as they have slowly crept in and robbed us of our rights, one by one until we have no rights left!

Everyone complains that there is no honesty, especially in politics, but the sad truth is, those same people that complain about the lack of honesty, they are the first ones to kick up a stink when someone speaks an ugly truth, publicly! Rex Reed pointed out a cold, hard, ugly fact about the actress, Melissa McCarthy, look at the fallout that came from him speaking the truth! So perhaps he worded it in an unkind manner, so what, he said that she was a tractor sized actress, well look at her, she is most certainly obese, period! Those people always looking for a cause, looking to stir up some troubling drama, had to make a big issue over it because they don’t want honesty. Again, I have to bring up Paula Dean, it infuriates me what trouble she’s going through, all because she owned up to a word she used! So she used the “N” word, perhaps she’s racist who knows, the truth is that words are just that, words! Yes, they can cut like a knife, but they are simply words no matter how ugly! Another truth is that there are many people out there who are racist, on both sides of the color scale, they must lie about their feelings, because that’s what people expect them to do. Whether it’s right or wrong, people are entitled to their feelings, as long as they aren’t harming anyone, they should be left to their own opinions!

These sensitive issues that those said complainers always love to make a big stink over, need to be addressed, not used as just another cause for people. Homosexuality, gay rights, racial issues and obesity, there are a lot of people out there, especially religious ones, that disagree with things like gays having the same rights that a married man and woman have, why must they be expected to lie about their feelings? How can anyone say that a persons opinions are right, or that they are wrong? Who is anyone to say? How many people are out there, who are old school, who miss the old days, the old ways? Yet, they live somewhat in secrecy, never sharing their views, hiding their feelings, because that’s exactly what the complainers in society expect of them!

Celebrities who have been criticized for their views infuriate me the most, they are up front when they say things, yet they are blasted for it! People want lies, lies, lies and when someone is up front, it’s a crime! Get over it already, stop adding to the death of our freedom of speech, the truth may hurt, but truth is truth is truth, whether you like it or not! Melissa McCarthy is fat, if she isn’t already morbidly obese, she must be pretty damned close! Paula Dean used the “N” word, so what, she admitted that she did, the only thing that she is guilty of is apologizing for it, she should not have apologized for her own feelings, no matter who gets peed off because of it!

Joy Behar made a comment about that Alana kid (Honey Boo Boo), stating that she is a fat kid, and will be a big fat woman. Look at the fallout aimed at her because she spoke the truth, I couldn’t believe that the kid ever won a crown for any beauty pageant either, it is the truth! In my opinion, all kids are beautiful in some way, occasionally there is an exceptionally stunning child, as far as looks go, Alana is not one of them. I mean, yes, she’s an average looking girl, she is also overweight, that is her mothers fault. Oops, wait a minute, I forgot that there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to hear the truth, they want everyone to lie!

Personally I think that severely obese people that are glamorized on television, set a very bad, unhealthy example. Obesity is dangerous and can kill, and look at all of them, Alana, her mother June, Dog the bounty hunters woman, Beth, Melissa McCarthy, Kirstie Alley, Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah Winfrey, ugh, we could be here all day! Far too many things are promoted on television now days and it should not be okay, all of us need to clean up our act and keep our mouth shut when someone speaks their own truth. It’s bad enough that privacy is dead, that our own government spies on all of us, that when someone lets us know that we’re being spied on, the government wants to throw them in jail, they also want to take away our right to bear arms (guns don’t kill, people do), but now, what tiny shred of freedom of speech is left, we’re about to be robbed of that as well!

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