Losing Faith In Humanity…….

13 Jul

After seeing part of last nights episode of What Would You Do, I have lost nearly all my faith in humanity! When the woman took the little boy into the salon to have his nails done, I noticed that several people said basically, what are you going to do, society has changed and you just have to go with it! That’s precisely the problem people throw up their hands and say that there’s nothing that they can do to bring about change in society, so they have no choice but to accept it. Why do people give up? Why accept things that are wrong, rather than fight to bring change for the better?

I agree with the psychologist who said that society is causing gender confusion, changing laws for homosexuals, men looking like women, woman looking like men, what do you expect the young to think? I truly believe that all of this stuff going on today, it will cause a boy who was exactly that, to think wow it would be fun to see what it’d be like to be a girl, and vice versa! You don’t like your looks, have plastic surgery, you eat too much and get fat, have surgery to remedy it, you’re a male and think it would be easier to be a female, have surgery and change your gender, a female on the masculine side, change your gender! It’s ridiculous, we haven’t made progress, we’ve actually gone backward.

Fathers look forward to having a son, not just to carry on the family name, but to play baseball or football. A little man to go fishing with, or to help when you fix the car, not to follow mammy into the salon to have pink nail polish put on! You may as well put him in a dress, with curlers in his hair and take him to cheer leading class! I believe that it all starts in childhood, no, homosexuality is not genetic! Genetics are responsible for a lot, especially disease, I think more so than we yet realize, but genetics are not responsible for gender confusion! God made you either a male, or a female, there is no in between, unless of course you look at hermaphrodites. Then I think there might be an argument as to which gender one was meant to be! If you dress a little boy up in frilly dresses and heels, apply makeup to him and get him playing with girls toys, it is going to affect the kid and make him confused as to what he is!

Angelina Jolie claimed that the reason that she allowed Shiloh to act like a boy was because she wanted her kids to be free spirits who made their own choices! Now, it is reported that she doesn’t want her kids appearing in any more movies, she wants them to steer clear of the Hollywood scene! Funny, when her daughter first started with the masculine behavior, it was funny, almost like Angelina wanted to rebel, through her kid. Never once did we see her attempt to intervene, to explain to her child that she is a girl, not a boy, she never attempted to show the kid how fun it could be, to be the girl that she was born as! In that case, Angelina was at fault, as was Brad, it was their responsibility to teach and guide the child, as all parents should do who love their children.

Society has become so comfortable in changing everything that was meant to be the way it is, that it’s confusing to everyone. We need morals in this country, scruples, maybe it’s because the same people who gripe about the rights of homosexuals, gripe about religion. No prayer in schools, numbers of church goers are at an all time low, children don’t know who God is, have never heard of the ten commandments, society condones all kinds of crap, pre marital sex, teenage pregnancy, teenage partying with drinking and drugs, homosexuals getting married, crime at an all time high, a cesspool society! It’s confusing to the young and the seasoned old timers as well, it’s disgusting what we’ve allowed society to become. We’re all responsible for what this world has become, every one of us, especially those who say that they can’t change anything, that it is what it is!

Certain people say that the eras past were primitive, that we have improved, society is better. Well think about that for a minute, I hate to bring up the 50’s and 60’s again, but imagine back then, a teenager who got pregnant. The parents would discreetly send her somewhere quiet to have the baby, which would be put up for adoption in hopes of having a better life. Imagine a group of homosexuals in the street picketing for same sex rights! Wow! Really try to imagine it!  Slavery was a thing of the past, but the races quietly kept more to themselves, without someone crying discrimination every week! Crime rates were lower, people went to church and a lot of folks left their doors unlocked at night without having to worry about being killed in their sleep! So you be the judge, was it better back then, or worse? Imagine a boy going into a salon back then, to have his nails painted!

Once again I see that my grandfather was right, the only thing that will bring change to this country, is another civil war. I think that there will be some in the younger generation that see what a cesspool our society has become, and will finally take a stand to change things for the better. I imagine that it would be a rare sight, the young fighting such a battle, beside the old, all fighting for the same cause, the same changes. The day will come, it has to, when good, decent, people grow fed up with the stuff that’s been allowed to occur, when they say that enough is enough, and do something about it!


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2 responses to “Losing Faith In Humanity…….

  1. Invisible Mikey

    July 13, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    It can be difficult to achieve a proper balance, choosing when to go with the flow and when to put a dam in the river. You can evaluate whether you believe a change is bad or good, but not everyone will agree with your estimation. I think (for example) that “this law changing stuff for homosexuals” is good for them, for their children and for society in general. Same-sex monogamous couples should be able to marry legally, and be regarded as legitimate partners in life. We aren’t the first country to learn this, and we won’t be the last.

    I didn’t see the silly little news show you referred to, but give me a break. Why get so upset about color on a boy’s nails? Nail color is temporary. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a rock star or an actor. It’s not like he demanded a tongue stud or a tattoo or other serious body modification. I used to try on my mom’s and sister’s clothes as a child. It was just imaginative play, and it had no effect on my sexuality.

    It’s true that in the 50s and before, gender roles were more clearly defined. However, the rigidity of those rules caused unnecessary suffering for anyone who was unable to follow them strictly. Keeping a family intact despite child abuse, alcoholism and spousal rape was more acceptable than getting a divorce. Women had to choose between marriage and family or having a career. You weren’t supposed to try to have both. Marrying a person who’s skin color was different from yours was illegal, and certainly considered immoral. I remember being a child in St. Louis, where many people had trouble accepting that the changes required by the feminist and civil rights movements were good ones. Men and women have so much more freedom and opportunity now as a result. You asked if it was better back then or now. I lived then. I can only speak for myself, but in my life it’s better now, in a hundred significant ways.

    • thesmartcritic

      July 14, 2013 at 4:05 am

      Glad that you commented on the Losing Faith In Humanity post. You’re right that not everyone will agree with my views, and no one has to, but that’s the beauty of agreeing to disagree.
      The ‘silly news show’ is similar to 20/20 and Dateline, Primetime has installments of What Would You Do, where they put people in “sensitive” situations in order to see how they would react. For example, a blind man in a store being blatantly ripped off by the cashier when he was getting his change just to see if a bystander would turn their head and remain quiet, or speak up and help. Why am I telling you about the show? Because it’s interesting – to me anyway – to see how people behave when put in these awkward positions, especially when each person seems to feel so very strongly, one way or the other.

      I, myself, feel very strongly that what a person goes through in childhood, especially during the youngest years. Those events, traumas, everything that occurs, it all will affect the adult they become, and it’s inevitable. I didn’t have a childhood filled with sunshine and roses, and truthfully I don’t know anyone who has, but events from our young years make us who we are today. If, for my daughters first hair cut, I had the stylist shave her head and told her that it was the proper thing to do, and always had her head shaved, also telling her that she should only wear work boots, what would happen when she came of age? She would always be bald and always wear work boots! It may seem like an drastic example, but my point is that children really do learn what they live. If we raise children to believe that it’s okay to lie, everyone does it, then naturally the child will grow up not knowing any different.

      You’re right, there were things in the 50s that, like today, were hard for society to have to deal with, but sadly that’s the case with every generation. Changes that the civil rights movement brought about were great. No one can argue against that. People from that era were much different, but both now and then, change can be good or it can be negative. Now the question is, how much change in each different area will be enough, then how much will be too much? It seems no one will ever be satisfied. Going forward is a plus, but taking any steps backward? Not so much.

      Guess this reply was a bit longer than I realized. But again, I want to thank you for commenting on the post, because regardless of whether you agree or disagree, I do appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.


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