Rude People Working With The Public

14 Jul

Why is it that in spite of there being too few jobs to go around, you get those that loathe their jobs so much, that they are rude to the customers? If you hate your job so much, I guarantee that there are at least ten others who would be glad to have it, step aside and let them, if you can’t be courteous!

A couple of days ago as I stood in line at a local grocery store waiting my turn, there was an elderly woman ahead of me who moved slowly, and appeared to be in pain as she did so. The cashier was a blond woman, probably in her twenties, extremely impatient and snotty! She stood tapping her fake nails on the side of the cash register, rolling her eyes and huffing and puffing, as the older woman counted her change. The cashier hollered that she was going to have to cancel the order out, and she’d have to wait in line all over again, if she didn’t hurry up! Naturally, the elderly woman became nervous and started to drop her change on the floor, while the cashier got even louder and asked her if someone was with her, who could hurry it up and pay! After I picked up the change and gave it back to the lady, I told the cashier that she needed to have some patience, that she would be old someday, too. The girl responded that no, she would never allow herself to get that old, she’d shoot herself before she’d ever be such a problem for everyone else!

Why is it that some people out there have such a problem with the elderly? Surely they have loved ones who are older, they have to have some relative who is elderly, do they treat them that way, too? I have no tolerance myself, when I see senior citizens treated like they are a problem to everyone. There’s no reason for it, none at all, we’re all going to be old some day, or at least most people are and I’m sure that they won’t want to be treated like that! But it isn’t just the elderly, either.

When working with the public, especially when the customers are spending their hard earned money, it should be a requirement to be courteous. Nobody likes rude and obnoxious behavior, being polite would gain much more recognition and respect. Maybe some employees fall into a rut, feeling so secure in their positions that they figure they can act whatever way they want to, but it isn’t okay. People are usually quick to complain about bad behavior, but seldom give positive feedback when they do encounter very polite or courteous, that’s why I always take the time to give credit where it’s due and let a manager know when an employee is exceptionally helpful, etc. Somehow it doesn’t seem like it’s enough though, when it comes to those that we all seem to run into, who behave like they hate their jobs, hate the public, hate everything around them. It makes it worse when there are a great number of people who are still jobless, and don’t have many prospects, especially in a small town.


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