Abusing The Old And Animals

18 Jul

Do any of you out there volunteer your time to help out anywhere, like at an animal shelter or a senior citizen center? Surprisingly, it’s very rewarding and can do more for you, as the volunteer, than it does for those you volunteer to help. By the same token, it can be most stressful, especially when you see first hand the abuse that goes on behind closed doors.

I have seen more animals than I could ever count, abused and abandoned, kittens only a few weeks old put in a tiny box, taped up and thrown into a dumpster to die. A three month old German Shepard having been beaten so severely that all four legs were broken, then he was taken into the woods and left to die in horrible agony. He couldn’t so much as crawl, so he laid there barely able to whine from the pain and waited to die. Thank God in Heaven, a man was hiking with his own dog, and his dog sought out the wounded one. The dog now has a forever home, and though he’ll never walk correctly again, at least he’ll be loved and well taken care of for the rest of his life. Could you fathom a beautiful Maine Coon cat, with long striped hair and white on her chest and paws, having some idiot cut half of her tail off, and put some type of accelerant on her, then light her on fire? The sheer excruciating pain  that she must have suffered as she lay in a garbage can to die! I will never, ever, be able to grasp why some people are just cruel, abusive, good for nothing, vile pieces of trash! Why someone would harm a helpless animal who cannot defend itself is way beyond me!

In a certain nursing home several years ago, there lived an old man. He was somewhat cranky, as anyone would be in his shoes. Because he was cranky, one of the male aides who worked there decided that he was going to teach the old man a lesson to sum up the disgusting situation. Alfred (the elderly man) ended up with two fractured ribs, bruises covering his body, a black eye and a fat lip! He was put into the home to be taken care of, not to be abused. Now before you go assuming that this was a rare event, let me assure you, it happens a lot, and this I know to be a fact. It may not happen at every home, but trust me it does happen and much more frequently then you or I hear about. There was a bedridden woman at another facility not too awfully far from the first one, she could not communicate, walk, or move by herself. Mildred was ill for several days with no one monitoring her regularly, when one particular aide came on duty that third night of Mildred’s illness, she took her vitals as all aides were supposed to have been doing, and discovered her temperature was 106 degrees! The head nurse was notified immediately, her response was that someone didn’t know how to take a temp correctly, and that if it was that high she’d be dead. Wasting even more time, the head nurse took and retook the temp 5 times! Needless to say, the ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital, the last place she’d ever be in this life!  One of the saddest things witnessed by visitors to several nursing homes was elderly patients strapped into their chairs, left in the hallways begging for a drink of water or something to eat, and totally ignored!

These are not isolated occurrences, by any means, and I’ve seen so many horrid incidences that make me physically ill. Be it the abuse of the elderly, or the abuse of an animal, it’s unacceptable. Animals are like babies in that they cannot defend themselves, and they depend on us for their very survival. They can’t get up and get a drink for themselves, or make themselves something to eat. They ask so very little and give us so very much, loving us regardless of how we look or act. The elderly aren’t a whole lot different in the way of needing care. Many of them find that one day their home is emptied, their belongings sold along with their house, and lastly their bank accounts are emptied, and then they are taken off to a nursing home and dumped! Most of the time, their loved ones don’t bother to come and visit, and as such they become utterly alone! As if that isn’t enough to dampen their spirits, they are sometimes beaten and have food and or drink withheld from them! Why?

We tend to forget in life that all roads lead to the same place. We’re all going to get old, we’re all going to be at someone else’s mercy, karma’s going to find us, and we’re all going to get back what we give, tenfold! How can one look into an animal’s eyes, or their grandparents’ eyes, and be abusive? How can anyone withhold the very basics of life? Does it bring some warped mind satisfaction, some sick power trip to feel like a big person because they can bully and push around old people or helpless little animals? Whatever the reason, it needs to stop. Things like this should never have been tolerated anywhere to begin with.

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