Government, Whistle Blowers And Privacy

18 Jul

How do you feel about a government that spies on its own citizens, especially in this day and age, where privacy has become practically non-existent? How do you feel about someone stepping up and blowing the whistle on such activities against us? Should the person go to jail? Is the person a villain, or a hero? Personally, I don’t think that this person should be punished when he has made us aware of what our own damned government is doing behind our backs!

I could certainly understand the government monitoring telephone conversations and Internet activity when it involves people from other countries that have come here, or people who have known ties to terrorists. Like it or not, those from other countries that settle here, especially from certain other countries, may have less than pure motives for being here. It’s not racism, it’s facts.

If you see someone robbing your neighbor’s house, are you going to sit there and do nothing? What if you witness someone taking a friend’s mail from their mail box, reading through it all, will you act? Or if you see a peeping tom filming a friend through a bedroom window, will you turn your head? There is so little privacy left today, but one would never, and should never, have to expect that their own government is the one doing the invading of their privacy! A great majority of us have lived in this country all of our lives, generation after generation of our families, and it isn’t that we have anything to hide, it’s the principle of it, being spied on by the very people that we supposedly choose to vote into office?

I think the bigger lesson to be learned here is that we need to be much more selective when it comes to voting for our representatives, especially President of the United States! It’s a tragedy that there were so many that made the last election an issue of race, by focusing primarily on that, Obama slid right into office and supposedly had the numbers to prove it! Every last soul that I spoke with – and believe me, there were a lot after the election – said that they only voted to be sure that Obama didn’t get their vote, that it went for the other party. Yet, lo and behold, somehow the man got into office! But I’ll try to stick to the subject at hand, which is our privacy being invaded by those who swore to protect us!

Again I ask you, if someone working for the government found out that we were being spied on, all of our telephone conversations and all Internet activity, and came forward to make us aware, at the risk of their own well being due to swearing to keep everything confidential, are they a criminal – or a hero? I think that since the person had so much to lose by coming forward that it was done out of duty, mainly a sense of right and wrong. I think that the person stepping forward might have assumed that the citizens of this country would be so appalled, shocked and disgusted, that they would start a movement of sorts to change things. Too many people figure that they can’t fight city hall and that things are what they are, that there’s no way to change them. It’s a sad acceptance that I’ve seen over and over again, people disgusted and fed up, but not knowing of any way to make any kind of change. The mindset that I’m only one person, what could I possibly do, my grandfather always told me that it only takes one person, but I wonder about that.

In my opinion a whistle blower under these circumstances should not be punished, the threat was against us as citizens of this country, it didn’t give terrorists the edge. It was strictly against us and not like they only monitored those that have come to this country from another one. Our so called government is acting against it’s own people, we are the ones targeted, I’d say they have things ass backward. The numbers of aliens flooding into this country are at an all time high, another of Obama’s mistakes! Watch them, supervise them, and any others that have had ties to terrorists, but let the rest of us have that tiny, treasured sliver of privacy left, that we have had to hold so dear. Births, deaths, financial reports, divorces, marriages, foreclosures, tickets and even our medical records, it’s all out there, there’s not a shred of privacy left, but when our own government’s behind it, that stoops to an all new low!

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