Fame And The Young

28 Jul

Suicide at any age is a horrible, devastating, travesty and something that all of us have trouble making any sense at all of. It’s even more confusing when the person that takes his or her own life, is a young person. To be in such a dark, dreadful place in ones mind and to feel so hopeless is heartbreaking. Equally tragic are those cases of accidental overdoses. I’ve never understood why they call them accidental, when the person takes a lot of drugs, aren’t they playing a form of Russian roulette? And if you were to play Russian roulette, couldn’t it be called suicide, after all it couldn’t exactly be called an accidental death now, could it?

There seem to have been a lot of celebrity drug overdoses, young and old but when you look at young celebrities lives, it gives insight to possible reasoning. These kids were thrown into a life of complete and utter excess, excess money, material possessions, media attention, preferential treatment everywhere they go, they pretty much got used to always having their own way and no one ever saying, NO! It’s ridiculous how many of those kids there are, that are permitted to become emancipated! There is a reason we have parents and I don’t think that the law should allow emancipation, unless it is a case of extreme abuse, be it of power or physical/emotional.

Look at the behavior of these young people that have had a taste of fame, Justin Bieber what a stinking brat, Taylor Swift, look how swiftly she’s gone through guys! Miley Cyrus was a kid that America believed was a sweetheart, next thing you know she’s practically shaved her head and tweets pics of herself smoking. Lindsay Lohan was once loved by a lot of people too, another supposed good girl and look at her now in and out of rehab, acting like she’s a diva, even in a court of law! Paris Hilton, okay so she wasn’t some big movie star or anything, but rather a rich, spoiled little girl and look at some of her behavior! The girl from The Hills Heidi Montag, she wasn’t long off of the show and went and had pretty much an entire body makeover with super excessive plastic surgery until she’s barely recognizable!

These young people are turned into instant celebrities and become young monsters, everywhere they go they are treated like the grown up stars, stores and restaurants close down for them, they own expensive cars, jewelry, million dollar houses, the best clothing, foods, shoes, you name it. They never hear the word no and aren’t refused their ridiculous whims, they travel anywhere in the world they want to go and always first class! But along the way, they lose themselves in the fantasy of it all,  having their every wish granted and they never have to go without anything. The worst thing that comes with their star status is the sense of self entitlement, there’s no hope of keeping them humble at that point, there’s no such thing as down to earth.

Maybe the laws need to be more stringent as far as emancipation, all young people need parenting whether they like it or not. They may not like the rules and being told no, but that’s exactly what they need and being free to act like an adult isn’t the answer.

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Posted by on July 28, 2013 in Hollywood Horrors


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