Kanye And Kim Come Back Down To Earth Already!

29 Jul

Who knew that having a baby deteriorated whatever was left of already warped minds? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have some serious issues since she had the baby and it’s hard to determine which one of them is more whacked! As I’ve said before, all babies are special to the family they are born into, one is no more so than any other. Well, I would say that perhaps Prince William and Kate’s little guy is, because the world was so excited to see the newest little royal. The difference is that their baby truly is royalty, a real little prince, not another case of a Kardashian wannabe a real somebody!

Now I guess I can see Kanye having some issues where security is concerned because there are people who can’t stand him, we all know that there are many more people out there who loathe Kim, detesting all things Kardashian. But really now, the flattery that they lavish upon themselves is over the top, hiring a bunch of look alikes for all three of them to throw anyone planning to follow them off the scent, and that’s a good word for it because the two of them are full of bull sh*t,  Kanye discovered that many heads of state use look alikes, seems that he doesn’t realize that he’s no head of any state! He’s reported to have ordered a new bomb proof armor plated car on order, based on Obama’s limo and is considering getting Kim a bullet proof SUV! Since Kim and the baby are supposed to go on tour with Kanye in October, his deep rooted paranoid, overinflated sense of self importance has also extended to the tour buses they’ll use. Both buses will be sound proof,will have security cameras,bulletproof windows, and of course the nannies! He has also arranged for soundproof hotel rooms at every stop! I’m sure that those men with iron strong stomachs have all heard Kim’s sex talk, moans, screams or whatever it is she does, when they viewed her sex tape! So what in the hell would Kanye be afraid of anyone overhearing?

As you probably guessed, Kris Jenner thought that all of Kanye’s ridiculous, unnecessary extremes were great, after all Kim and Kanye’s kid will most likely be another pocket full of cash in the future for Kris. If they ever had Kris (a.k.a. Lovey) babysit it, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see it dressed in a bikini and knowing her plastered all over every magazine or television show that would have it! That woman is the root of all of the hatred aimed at the Kardashian clan, were it not for her then I am sure that the rest would be viewed in a much more respectable, kind and decent manner. Kris is notorious for her greed, inappropriate dress and behavior for her age, for exploiting her children, meddling in all of her kids lives, for her vile treatment of Bruce, her drinking and for being the most desperate, pathetic, biggest fame whore of them all! Heaven forbid that she get involved (and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time) in Kanye’s kids upbringing!

Guaranteed that if Kanye has a lapse in judgment like he seems to on a daily basis, and marries Kim Kardashian, he will most definitely rue the day. With the famous monsterger Kris being tangled in their lives, she’ll have her daughter do what they do best and soak him for everything, using the kid to her advantage too! It’s what they do, make any dime you can, anywhere you can, in any way you can, from whoever you can! There is and never was a thing honest about the Kardashians and Kris will never, ever, stay the hell out of her kids lives, she will always be there inflicting herself in all of their business and they will be miserable as a result.

It’s good for Kanye and Kim that they have a kid, like all parents they should be happy rather than spend every waking moment doting on these over the top, imaginary threats. Yes there are countless people who can’t stand them I think mostly because of Kim but they ave always been there. As a rule people dislike those who revel in wealth and undue celebrity status for which not a bit of it was earned. So take a few precautions and enjoy the kid instead of believing that you’re the most famous, sought after, successful, Gods on the planet. This behavior is more easily understood by people like the President, Prince William and Kate or hell, even Beyonce. Most definitely not Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.



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