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Celebrities Continual Whining About Privacy!

I am so sick and tired of hearing about celebrities whining about their lack of privacy! If a person wants privacy, then they most certainly shouldn’t become an actor or actress, invasion of privacy comes with the job! When they rake in their bundles of cash they don’t complain, and when they receive preferential treatment at restaurants and stores they don’t complain. Don’t get me wrong, I would fight tooth and nail for privacy rights but not for those who intentionally made a choice to sacrifice their privacy for fame and wealth.

They use their children as a means to gain pity for the photographers chasing them, again it’s been their choice. Anyone with the slightest degree of intelligence knows that if you become a celebrity, you forfeit your right to privacy and basically become public property, period! It’s as if these stars don’t stop to think about such things while they enjoy the public fawning over them, wanting autographs and buying expensive homes, cars, jewels, clothing, taking exotic vacations. Then one day they wake up and pee and moan, poor us we have no privacy, we can’t go anywhere without being followed, without pictures being taken, poor us and our poor children!

Donate all of your money and possessions, stay out of the limelight, and go live in a small town somewhere in the country and then you’ll be left alone. But I’ll bet anything that these celebrities would never in a million years give up all that money they made off of the public! It’s ironic, without fans (the public) these people are just another face in the crowd they are nobodies, so the public makes them a somebody and takes interest in them and the next thing they know, the stars that the people made decide that they want to be obscure when they feel like it!

Imagine for a minute that Halle Berry was in movies and no one liked her, no one went to see any movie that she starred in. She would be a flop of an actress and wouldn’t earn any movie maker anything, if the public didn’t take an interest in her. In reality the only ones who make a star are the people, fans. What a slap in the face to fans of a celeb to suddenly want them to stop being interested in them, their life, their kids, after they made you!

Harsh as it might seem to some there should not be special laws put in place just for celebrities and their privacy. They chose the lifestyle loving the attention, wealth and all of the special treatment that money and fame brought to them, it’s a downside of fame and always has been. Like it or not, their children are an extension of them and there are people out there who are interested in celebrity children too, it all goes hand in hand with the life that they chose to live, deal with it!

It’s pretty funny that legitimate stars complain about the lack of privacy and yet the Kardashian’s, famous for being nobodies will stop at nothing to get attention! In fact, I think that they are a big part of the reason that things have gotten so bad for the real stars, because of the Kardashian’s over sharing, leaving nothing sacred, nothing off limits, no one that they wouldn’t sell out for the tiniest bit of media attention!


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Polluting with Friends in Higher Places

It seems that in small towns politics are dirtier than ever! In a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, if you know or are related to the right person, then you can put a trailer as close to a neighboring property as you like and allow your septic to pollute their well! After it’s polluted, you’re simply told to drill a new well. Do any of you know how expensive it is to drill a well?

If you travel a little bit further up the same road where this property is located, you’ll find that a certain party pollutes the area creek daily. Not only did the people rig it for their toilets to drain directly into it, but they also set up their washer to run into it as well. These same people (at one time there were eleven people living in the same tiny trailer) dump all of their garbage into the well-known large pond nearby, along the road, and onto neighboring properties, a majority of it being dirty diapers! In an area where the majority of people were environmentally conscious, this would never occur, and if by chance it did, they wouldn’t get away with it.

When you call to report these things, no one gives a damn. After all, it’s an issue that truly is a problem for all of us, yet no one cares to go and see for themselves or take action! Now I can tolerate a lot of things, but people blatantly polluting water and land, I cannot. This particular family brags about how they continue to have children so that they can collect public assistance and WIC, and they also have more animals than they know what to do with – the sickly and poorly taken care of animals never receiving veterinary care, either. So because they are this type of people, are we to feel so sorry for them that we allow them to dump garbage all over so that they don’t have to pay for it to be collected? It may seem harsh, but I don’t think that people like that should be allowed to have any pets! You can’t afford to pay for garbage pick up, to have your toilets, faucets, showers and washer hooked up correctly, can’t supposedly afford pet food and vet care, so why torture the animals?

Now before that shadow of pity might cross your mind, consider this: the party I speak of crams a load of family members into a small trailer, push for the females to keep getting pregnant for the benefits, pollute neighboring properties and worst of all, they pollute the creeks and the large well known pond in the area with their garbage, consisting mostly of heaps of dirty diapers. This same crew has a bunch of dogs, birds and outside cats which are never fed and don’t get medical attention. A witness said that one of them was seen beating a dog with a baseball bat until it soiled itself, and when it did, it was beaten until it collapsed. When the witness ran screaming at the person doing the beating, he was told to mind his own ‘F’ing business or he’d be next! The dog warden was called, saying all he could do was to be sure that it had a “tag”. When a call was placed in for animal cruelty not a damned thing was done. A couple of the clan members were jailed for various crimes and released, only to commit more crime and be re-jailed.

You be the judge. What can you do in a case like this? Where no one wants to take action, no one will come investigate, and no one cares? Water is life. You can do nothing without it. Not cook, shower, flush, drink, nothing. Therefore a property is 100 percent useless without usable water. So, what do you do? You can’t sell it like that, can’t afford to drill a well because of some ass who used their connections and basically shit in your well, and you can no longer live in your own home! You can always haul water from somewhere else or buy it, but not when you need it to shower, do wash, wash your hands, drink and cook!

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Kirstie Alley And Leah Remini

I once thought that Kirstie Alley was alright. Not so much as an actress, but as a person in general, and felt bad for how morbidly obese she had grown to be. But I was way off base – she is a most vile woman who karma will come to visit and bite her right square in her ass. Heaven knows that’ll be a load of bites! Regardless of which religion one believes in, a person’s beliefs need to be respected! Where in the Bible does it say that you are to hate or bash those of other faiths? Though, I doubt that Kirstie is familiar with the good book!

Leah Remini was a Scientologist for a very long time, and recently realized that it was not for her. Kirstie had the audacity to attack Leah for leaving, because how dare Leah no longer believe what Kirstie wants her to believe, how dare she have a mind of her own, how dare she want to better herself and her family! Shame on you Kirstie Alley, just who in the hell do you think you are? It’s crystal clear who the better person is and it certainly isn’t Alley!

I doubt that there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of the “church” of Scientology, and it is often looked at as a cult. This situation with Kirstie Alley’s behavior certainly does nothing to disprove that theory either. Just how many churches out there are there that require – or condone – you to slam, criticize and shun those followers that leave the church? Religion of any kind is a deeply personal choice, being a “good Christian” doesn’t mean being a member of one certain church or, in this case, organization. A good Christian, a good friend wouldn’t turn on another just because they found their own truth and most certainly wouldn’t outright attack them or their character!

Leah Remini isn’t a bad person. In fact, she is more intelligent than Kirstie is to have seen the “light”, stood her ground and stuck to her guns! Leah is better off not associating with the likes of Kirstie Alley, she is not good enough to be anyone’s friend, and obviously doesn’t know what one is! I don’t ever hear of people knocking down Kirstie’s door for roles, and perhaps that says a lot in itself.

Kirstie apparently started a Twitter war, as well, and on July 10th she tweeted: “When faced w/ malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend…..Then I say f**kem…..)#RISE” Leah’s sister Nicole, tweeted that “Maybe the so called friend Kirstie should have checked on her friend to see what was happening & check on Le b4 she got nasty.”  Typical malicious Kirstie Tweeted to a mutual friend Stacy Francis on July 20th, as reported, “you’re too good to talk to that bi*ch…tune her out…block her…don’t give her her 15 minutes of fame to spew her hatexxoo.”  Further proof of what a bitter, washed up, overweight, has-been Kirstie is! An attempt to draw others into her hate campaign, and for what? If an organization or church as its members may like to call it, needs to act like that, in desperate attempts to keep members it does have, then look out, there is something gravely wrong.

We have all heard ugly truths about Scientology and have seldom heard positives, but I can tell you this, if it’s followers act like Kirstie Alley has since Leah parted ways with the organization, better not to hear any of their so-called beliefs, better not to have any part of their teachings. When a member from a church is ex-communicated for any reason, the other members are not taught to hate them, attack them or de-friend them, they are simply ex-communicated and no longer attend services. Most religions strive for peace, being good to others, respecting other people.

It would seem that our rights that are in jeopardy aren’t just our right to bear arms, our right to privacy and worst, our freedom of speech, now with people like Kirstie, one isn’t even entitled to their right to freedom of religion! I don’t give a damn what show it might be, if Kirstie Alley is in anything television show or by some chance, movie, I will not waste my time watching, not now, not ever. Any magazine that may have her fat ass plastered in it, I will not even open, any radio show interview or anything at all, I want nothing to do with if that menace is any part of it. I thought that Kris Jenner was the most vile twit that anyone had ever seen, but Kirstie comes in a pretty close second!

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