An Elderly “Rose” And Her Thoughtless Daughter

01 Oct

Rose was a funny elderly relative who lived by herself in an apartment in Pennsylvania, she got around by bus and did a lot of walking, since she enjoyed getting out so much, she would go every day to get a coffee or go window shopping or visit with friends. Roses closest friend was actually a cousin, Doris, they were like two peas in a pod and more like sisters than anything else. Rose only had one child, Glinda who lived in Florida near to her only daughter but Rose stayed in touch with Glinda and visited every now and again.

One day, years ago Glinda decided that it would be best if her mother lived near to her, rather than live near her friends and family up north and convinced Rose to move down south to Florida. Even though Rose had her reservations about leaving the place where she was happy, she went along with her daughters wishes and relocated. Doris and Rose made a promise that they would keep in touch by sending cassettes to each other regularly, as it was easier than writing letters and nicer to hear each others voice, giving the sense of being right there with them. For many years that’s exactly what the two closest friends did, and each woman would take a trip to visit the other every couple of years.

Rose had her own apartment in Florida and was able to maintain her independence, still taking the bus and walking to go out shopping or to grab a bite to eat. Elderly people, just like others of all age groups, sometimes are forgetful and one day Rose forgot her keys or something and Glinda became overly concerned. Since she worked for an attorney anyway, she had him draw up a power of attorney and insisted that Rose sign. Naturally Rose was perplexed by the idea but she truly trusted her daughter and had no reason to suspect that she had any hidden agenda, she went ahead and signed. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happened next but I will.

Rose was surprised when Glinda was at her door insisting that she go to the doctor, when Rose tried to question why, her daughter told her that there was something wrong with her, that she’d become too forgetful and confused. She actually had Rose questioning herself, assuming that Glinda had some information that she didn’t. She went along to the doctor where Glinda talked to the doc and told him that vshe felt her mother would be better off in a home where she could be taken care of. She emptied her moms apartment, sold off all of her valuables and dropped her off at the home. Rose began to go down hill physically and mentally after pleading with her daughter that if she couldn’t live alone then please let her live with her, the answer was an instant “No“.

When Doris didn’t hear from Rose in over a month and her correspondences went unanswered, she tried to call her friend only to find that the phone had been disconnected. When she called Glinda she learned of Roses fate, strangely though she would not tell Doris where Rose was taken, a phone number or address for mail, instead she said to send everything through her! Doris did just that but everything went unanswered and when she tried to call Glinda again she wasn’t able to get an answer there either.

Time drug on and finally one day Doris received a phone call from Glinda who allowed Rose to speak with Doris for a short time. In spite of Glinda monitoring the call, Rose was able to let Doris know that her daughter was running the show, that she wouldn’t allow her to get mail or phone calls at the home and wouldn’t let anyone know where she was. Toward the end of the call Rose broke down sobbing and asked Doris to come and get her, Glinda told her to stop the nonsense or she wouldn’t let her talk to her again, it broke Doris’s heart to hear her friend beg her daughter to allow her to go up north to visit her, Glinda grabbed the phone and snapped that she wasn’t to talk to Doris again, then she hung up!

Come to find out Glinda has a house, a two bedroom, two bath, her husband suggested that they let Rose live there with them and that was out of the question. Even though she was retired she didn’t want what she considered the burden of having her mother live with them! Glinda had wondered for a long time what would happen if her mother became unable to take care of herself and didn’t want to have to take care of her, thats why she had her sign the power of attorney.

Why, when a parent ages do the children, more often than not stuff them in a home? As if that isn’t bad enough they rob them of their friends and any socialization they might have. It sickens me to hear people say that they don’t owe their parents anything, that they didn’t ask to be born! Yes, you do owe your parents, they raised you the best they knew how and I guarantee that they went without a lot themselves to provide for you! Aging isn’t a crime and the elderly shouldn’t be punished for it, we’re all going to be old someday and karmas a bitch. What you do to your parents will be done to you, tenfold. Sadly, this is far from being an isolated case, it happens all the time every day, everywhere, in every country.

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