The Homeless and The Rich

23 Jan

Why is it that society in general doesn’t want to address the problem of homelessness? I was once traveling through New York City and I was downright traumatized by the fact that there were people actually digging in garbage cans looking for food! What was more bizarre to me was the number of people who just walked on by, as if they hadn’t noticed, or could it be they’ve become immune to it, desensitized. This is the United States, we’re allowing endless numbers of citizens from other countries to come to live here in the land of plenty where they are afforded too many advantages to count, while our own suffer and go without even the most basic needs of life. Yet there are still no limits set on the number of immigrants allowed to flood in to this country, they just keep on coming every single day. Take a look for example, at the cast of the reality show Shahs of Sunset, this group of Iranians are constantly talking on and on about how they had to leave their homeland and come here to this country and what a great life they now have as a result! They flash the wealth that they have amassed by being allowed to live here, they talk about how terrible it was in Iran, how dangerous and how sad that they cannot return to their motherland. What’s terrible is that Americans, those that were born here and whose families have been part of this land for generation after generation after generation, are without a home, without a car, without food.

Imagine what it’s like to literally be homeless, now imagine that you have children too and are on the street, without so much as a car to sleep in. It isn’t bad enough that you’re out on the street and hungry, but now you have to watch your children cry to you that their stomachs hurt because they are hungry and want something to eat. What if there are no shelters in the area or the shelters are full? What if the temperatures are record low like they’ve been lately, where will your kids lay their little heads to sleep? Too many families are homeless, too many people, period! But hey, by all means just keep allowing people from other countries to pour into this one, I mean hell, it isn’t like they will be taking jobs from our own citizens, taking housing, right?

Now tell me that it doesn’t bother you to look at filthy rich folks flaunting their wealth, driving their fancy cars, parading around in their designer clothes and dripping with diamonds, eating at all of the best restaurants. Just think, if those that have, contributed to those who have not! Sure there are certain rich celebrities that contribute to certain causes, look at Oprah Winfrey, look at how many causes in Africa that she’s given to! It seems that the celebrities that do support causes, support causes in other countries! No one seems to talk about the homeless here, in this country, no one seems to want to take notice to the growing number of our own citizens going hungry. Some things never change, it seems that the majority of times the wealthier a person is, the less they help others, the poorer a person is, the more generous they are. How pathetic things are and how sad it is that we cannot take care of our own but some take care of those living in foreign countries.

If more of the wealthy could imagine what it would be like if they themselves were homeless and hungry, what it must be like to be a parent with children out on the streets, then maybe, just maybe they would be more compassionate toward those with nothing living here. If Oprah supports other countries so much and cares only about people living elsewhere, then she should move to one of those countries herself! She gained her wealth here so the least that she, and others like her, can do is to give back to the country and people that made her what she is!

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Posted by on January 23, 2014 in Politics, Primetime


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