Celebrities Invade Their Own Privacy!

24 Mar

You know what infuriates me, something that goes far beyond a pet peeve? These so called celebrities that know full well what they are getting into when they go into show business, they know all of the perks and they know damned well that the cost that comes with their fame is no more privacy, period! They whine constantly about paparazzi following them, pictures being taken, stories being printed, their kids being photographed, all of the things that they knew full well came with fame. You don’t see them complaining when they are enjoying the special treatment they get, they don’t wait in any lines anywhere, they don’t have to make reservations like everyone else, if they want to go to Disneyland they don’t have to worry about waiting anywhere, the entire park is closed down just for them. Often they get to shop at all of the most expensive stores but have them closed to the common folk so they can have the entire store to themselves. Yes, you don’t hear the issue of privacy come up while they revel in the countless perks of being a celebrity, it comes after they get too big for their britches and their ego grows larger than life.

Connect to the inter-net by phone or on your computer and you will be bombarded by endless pictures of ……. wait for it ……. wait for it ……. yes you’ve got it, celebrities! They whine incessantly about not having any privacy and then plaster themselves all over the place, they made a huge deal about their children not having privacy and yet many of them are plastering their kids photographs all over the inter-net as well! What’s more vile is the complaining and the attempts to pass privacy laws in the favor of celebrities, and the very nature of the pictures they post all over!

Look at Kim KardASSian, ( yes I know you can’t miss her ) she sullies up cyberspace just about daily with her atrocious pictures. She squeezes herself into bathing suits that look about twenty sizes too small with her boobs and rolls bulging out and her immense arse stuck right into the lens. Her ego must be as big as her rear end to constantly take “selfies” of herself and post them online, and she actually keeps a straight face while doing so!

Miley Cyrus is another of the endless stream of celebrities who are obsessed with themselves and with posting pictures. The sick problem that she has of always having her tongue out, like a dog dominates many of her pics but regardless, she too thinks much more of herself than anyone else does.

When a person becomes a “celebrity” they accept that they lose their privacy, if they have a problem with that then they need to go into another profession. Stop the whining, stop trying to push for new privacy laws to be passed, stop using the kids to make your point! They enjoy the best restaurants, stores, homes, cars, clothes, jewelry, vacations, the list goes on and on, it’s the price of fame.


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Posted by on March 24, 2014 in Hollywood Horrors


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