Networks Condoning & Promoting Animal Abuse & Killing!

13 Apr

Society likes to place a lot of blame for the increase in violence among the young, on video games and while I do believe that this may be true in part, I think the biggest source of blame for the increase in violence committed by all ages is television. But we tend to forget that violence doesn’t just involve people, it involves animals. Why have weak laws against cruelty to animals, when all that these networks show on tv are killing of animals? There are idiots out there who look upon animals as things or property but that’s plain stupidity!

National Geographic used to be a reputable, educational channel but now it has jumped on the bandwagon airing the killing of animals. We look at Africa and wonder why they don’t try harder to preserve the wildlife that they are graced with and yet we are no better, in fact we are worse. How long before the more common species of animals become extinct? The show on NatGeo Life Below Zero, shows people living in the Alaskan “bush” and killing pretty much every animal they come across, Wolverines, Foxes, Grouse, Wolves, you name it. This one guy states that he likes to supplement his income by selling the furs from the animals he traps and kills! Look, no one asked these jackasses to live there, no one forced them or dropped them there to survive on their own, it was by choice but the animals struggling to survive there daily didn’t ask for those intruders to hunt, trap and slaughter them either! Certainly no one asked any network to actually make a show about it and promote the killing of what wildlife is left! No it isn’t survival either, those asses are there by there own free will and should either move or have supplies shipped in!

Have you ever taken notice of all of the shows there are that condone and promote the killing of animals? Let’s see here, hunt wild Boar with dogs and kill them ( in some cases slowly, causing severe suffering ), Catch Alligators and kill them, the only thing I do not particularly like are snakes, but the show about seeking them out to kill them for their skins disgusts me too, they are minding their own business out in the desert and a band of old men go looking for them to kill them! One show shows the men catching frogs so that they can kill and eat them, the characters doing it are multi millionaires! A show with a gang killing ducks and it isn’t like they need to eat! One network even has a show where the men go out killing what they call big game, exotic animals! Not to mention the mass slaughtering of whales, dolphins and other marine life. Where does it stop, when is enough enough?

We need to protect what animals are left on this planet, be it a bird or a snake, it seems that the government only lamely protects a hand full of species. Why are eagles protected but not ducks? Wolves were once killed to the very brink of extinction, having to be reintroduced back into the wild and yet those people on Life Below Zero are killing them simply to make a buck on their furs! The only thing more vile is that the television networks air it thereby promoting it. I Take a good look if you happen to see a bear, fox, or hell even a snake make sure that your children get to at least see a picture of it because at this rate, they too will become extinct like thousands of different species have already.

Give thought too to what your children are watching on television, though you may believe that a certain show is benign, be sure to pay close attention to the networks lineup of shows, nearly all of them are already promoting violence toward animals. If someone will abuse or in any way harm an animal, any animal or enjoy witnessing it, that person is capable of the same behavior toward people. These networks aren’t only showing monsters in action, they are creating them too by airing such vile, hideous actions allowing garbage, reality shows filled with this crap!


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