07 May

Even in a society in which there are few morals left,  where nothing is held sacred anymore, where most behavior that has been unacceptable through the ages is not only tolerated, but promoted, surprisingly there are still a couple of things that are taboo. Race, religion, homosexuality these things used to be taboo to openly discuss, now days those people that don’t believe in interracial relationships or homosexuality, they are crucified, they are the ones that are punished for their beliefs and / or opinions. But these things are openly practiced now and the issues, while still sensitive topics to many, are talked about and addressed, right or wrong.

Population control / overpopulation, it seems that subject is taboo,  or perhaps it’s more because people feel that there is no possible solution to the problem. Logic dictates that this planet is only so big and that resources, man made or natural, aren’t in endless supply. Unbelievable numbers of species have become extinct and there are vast numbers of others that are on the brink of meeting the same fate, because of their own actions? No, because of mankind, the trees that are critical to our very survival are being chopped down at an alarming rate, certain plant life too has been annihilated. Yet every second of every minute of every day, the population continues to soar.

China used to only allow one child to each couple, some people thought it immoral and I hear that China no longer has that rule. I can’t blame the country though, after all, why should one country do their part while the rest allow endless children? Don’t get me wrong, I love children just like the next person does and it is not about the “children” exactly, it is overpopulation. Look at countries like Africa where the mothers cannot feed one child and yet they have half a dozen more! I know of places here in the United States where certain women keep having children one right after the other, I have heard comments made by women that they need to collect assistance for each kid and that to get the maximum, they need for the kids to fall into certain age groups. Still others want tax breaks and the children seem to help with that! And we can’t forget the Mormon imposter’s that have five or six wives, each of which have six or seven children and always stay pregnant, using a so called religion to justify it!

So what is the answer to the fact that this planet is already overpopulated and there is no end to the problem in sight? I don’t really know but we need to address the issue and soon, no, I’m not saying that we need to create our own version of the “carousel”, like in the movie Logan’s Run ( it’s an old, old movie that many of you may not be familiar with ) but as callous as it might sound, maybe the government needs to look into a solution similar to China’s previous one. Sadly the damage is done as far as those animals that are gone, simply because man wanted to build on what little land the animals had, and because the forests they always lived in are now gone because someone decided they wanted the trees! Another example of ignorance and failure to seek viable solutions, houses don’t always have to be built from wood!

I think we’d all love to believe that as a society, we’ve come a long way, and we have, the problem is that while we’ve come a long way, in what direction have we moved? It might very well be that we have gone backward rather than forward in many aspects. Progress is a good thing when it is positive progress but we cannot turn our heads to the issues that many find unpleasant. Certain places in the world like Africa in certain parts of it, there are children dying of hunger and the women have quite a few kids which they cannot provide for, I have never understood though ( again, not to be callous ) why do they keep having more kids? Isn’t it better to provide birth control? Wouldn’t that be better than watching the children die from hunger? I truly would like to understand that and I’m not saying that it’s only a problem exclusive to that country either.

Sooner or later there will be no more land available, it’s inevitable and there will be only so much food, sources of heat, etc. Hell at this rate there will be no animal species left at all, it is a problem that is one for every last one of us and one that needs to be figured out soon. I know that the government has given some thought to this, I don’t see how they couldn’t, they had to be able to see this coming decades ago! Sadly for us, we’re not a society where each person can do their part on their own, let’s hope the government can come up with a solution soon that will benefit all of us in the long run.

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Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Politics


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