Celebrities Not Acting Their Ages

16 May

Celebrities need to stop all of the fillers and cosmetic surgeries, even the extremely young girls are now going in to have “work done”. Worse yet, these famous people are sending the message that it’s not okay to age, that growing old is something to deny and be ashamed of! The average woman looks at certain celebrities and wonders why they don’t look nearly as good as the rich and famous! The most ludicrous part of all is that only a small number of actresses are truly beautiful and can honestly say that they look the way God made them, not they way their plastic surgeon made them! There are many actresses that are downright unattractive ( to put it kindly ), but cosmetic surgery works miracles and a good makeup job can do wonders.

There are a few people out there that think that Kim Kardashian is attractive ( mainly Kanye and her family, but still… ), look back at the family photos that were published and compare them to Kim now, she is unrecognizable. The only thing real about Kim is…… uh….. her ego, that’s about all I can think of! Even her skin looked much darker in all of the photos of her younger days that I saw! Maybe it’s Kim’s ego that has ruined her, her face is totally different and she has those ridiculous fish lips! Perfect example of overdoing it, that disgusting picture of her sitting with her back to the camera and her gigantic ass crack eclipsing the camera lens! It’s true that some men like bigger booties but excess, larger than life just becomes morbidly, overblown, downright disgusting, overkill. There is such a thing as too much and rather than Kim “tweak” overall where she needed it, she seemed to become obsessed with herself, especially after the size of her rear end came into question. I mean seriously, morbid obesity isn’t isolated to just one specific body part!

Lindsay Lohan’s face became very odd too, after she reportedly had work done, especially her fish lips gone awry. There isn’t enough space here to list all of the boob jobs that young celebrities have had done, it’s disturbing. The dangerous message being sent from celebrities is that flaws and age are to be ashamed of, stop at nothing, spend anything you need to, just hide all flaws and stop the clock!

Madonna’s face looks unnatural and strange, LaToya Jackson was once attractive but ruined her looks, Daryl Hannah used to be pretty as well and ruined her face with plastic surgery gone wrong. Is there no such thing as a natural beauty, are there any actresses out there that are happy with the way they look, without medical intervention? Are there any actresses in existence that aren’t pathetically trying to hide their age at all costs? Hell, it seems that the famous can’t even date their own age, never caring how they look dating someone that is young enough to be their daughter, grand daughter, grandson, someone old enough to be their grandfather or great grandfather?

I think that the older folks are already treated with disregard in society, television, along with the famous have a strong influence out there and it seems they are behaving badly. Guess those words, act your age hold a lot of truth, it’s just a shame that more people seem unable to really hear them.

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Posted by on May 16, 2014 in Hollywood Horrors


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