Kim Kardashian: Public’s Contradiction

19 May

Now, I’ve devoted far too much time to the Kardashian Clan’s nonsense on this blog already, but this blatant contradiction spreading like a plague out there among so many has me stumped. Needless to say, the main culprit is the wannabe wish-I-was-a-celebrity Kim. Everyone’s familiar with the never-ending number of people that loathe the Kardashians, mainly Kim. There is an absolute disgust and hatred of her. Look at the backlash after Vogue had the questionable judgment to cheapen the magazine’s image, all for the sake of the almighty dollar, by allowing the likes of Kim and Kanye West to taint its cover.

So what is the reasoning here? So, so many people cannot stomach Kim (or Kanye for that matter) and many are very vocal about their disgust and hatred of her, but why then did so many of them buy the Vogue magazine? The thing that they forget is that such actions are misinterpreted as actually liking Kim and being interested in seeing her and reading about her even more! Yes, Vogue is probably cheaper than buying a good dart / target set, but still, why allow the twit to feel relevant, or the one that decided to allow her to appear on the cover to feel as if it was a good thing?

Let’s refresh and remember who Kim Kardashian really is: she was the girl who befriended Paris Hilton, knowing that she’d catch some of Paris’s crumbs. When Paris was photographed, Kim knew she could catch the run off and be allowed in the photographs with her, that she might get a few pictures of herself taken after being known as one of Paris’s friends. I might add that she hardly resembled herself now, after all of the work she’s had done, like the gigantic ass she mysteriously didn’t have back then! When she milked the “friendship” with Paris for all it was worth to her, she grew more desperate for attention, so she found the most famous man that she could who was willing to crawl into bed with her and have sex, and of course it had to be filmed. How shocked she acted when there was any interest in releasing the tape, all the while mommy Kris was negotiating the sale of it to the highest bidder. Suddenly when Kim garnered more attention after the tape and Kris Jenner saw an opportunity for herself too, they were allowed a show on E Network where everyone saw just how low they would go to be noticed.

After one well-known man didn’t want to get serious with Kim and she married another for less than three months, she latched on to the only semi-famous man she could get – though not too well liked – and ended up pregnant. In typical Kim fashion, she hid the kid after its birth to build up public curiosity and now this wedding fiasco is the most over-the-top, ludicrous stunt yet. Nonsense like the guests not being able to know the location until hours before the ceremony, no cellphones allowed, all of the guests having to wear designer labels… Who do these clowns think they are!? They honestly seem to believe that they’re true royalty, and yet nothing could be further from the truth.Isn’t it sad that even with all of their money they can’t make themselves relevant? 

As you can tell, anyone would be stumped as to why even one person would purchase the issue of Vogue published with her on the cover. She is not a celebrity, she is not an actress, she’s certainly not a model, or an author, or a even a musician. Even more so, she couldn’t be any further from a style icon – remember when the critics wondered why she was wearing a sofa in public, or her famous whale dress? The only thing she would be an appropriate spokesperson for would be Jenny Craig. All she’s famous for is being a throwback wannabe porn star. Kim Kardashian is her own ‘biggest’ fan. The way she constantly posts pictures of herself proves that. She acts as if she’s concerned about her image, and yet spreads her colossal crack around cyberspace. 

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