The Bland Housewives of New Jersey

02 Jun

I guess the sagging ratings for The Real Housewives shows wasn’t enough of a warning for Bravo to sit up and take intelligent action. Now they’re ruining The Real Housewives of New Jersey like they have The Real Housewives of New York; one of the RHONJ’s biggest assets was Caroline Manzo, but according to the sneak peek of their newest season, Caroline is no longer a member of the cast, though her sister Dina – who couldn’t be bothered being on the show while her own sister was on it – has been added as part of the upcoming season’s cast. The most detrimental part of the show is Teresa, as while during the earlier seasons her overacting and over-dramatics brought viewers and actually brought her a few fans, now that it’s gotten real old, real fast, and the fact that no one likes her coupled with her latest legal woes, she’s nothing more than a liability.

Dina had her chance to be on the show long ago and she willingly chose to leave. Regardless of whether it was her pissy little grudge against Caroline or because she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention, she left and should not be allowed back on. Everyone knows Melissa Gorga is a wannabe, too – Teresa had been on the show, and since Melissa couldn’t stand the idea she wanted to compete with Teresa and one-up her any chance she got. It’s bad enough that we had to listen to her howling last season and had to watch her ridiculous attempts to dance where she looked like she was mimicking Gia, proving that she’s not in any way, shape, or form talented, but that she’s also not interesting, boring and not fun to watch. Then, there’s the new freak, Amber. Not one of these women are interesting, talented, or even extremely attractive to watch, and if Bravo cleans the slate and starts from scratch, then perhaps that show could be good as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s all in the cast, and the Bravo execs keep slipping further backward.

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Posted by on June 2, 2014 in Primetime, Reality TV


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