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Stop SeaWorld, Faroe Islands Residents and the Asians!

Those of you who saw Blackfish were probably as disgusted and outraged as I was, and still am. Those of you who didn’t need to see it as soon as possible, the only thing that can ever bring about change is numbers, enough people getting involved in a situation and demanding change!

SeaWorld is raking in ungodly amounts of money each and every year, not because humans are working hard to earn it but because of the whales that they have gone out and caught and forced into captivity to train them like circus animals. These beautiful creatures never asked to be stolen away from their own environment to amuse human beings, they were peacefully living their lives beneath the waves until some greedy puke decided that they could make money off of them.

What turned my stomach the most was when one of the killer whales gave birth and the baby was also trained to do “tricks” along with it’s mother. Suddenly SeaWorld decided to take the baby and relocate it to another location, it was reported that the mother mourned the entire night, making sounds that had not been heard before as she mourned. How dare SeaWorld take it upon themselves to go out snaring anything they can snare that they feel will bring them more cash, to hell with what is best for the creatures they use!

Last night a spokesman for SeaWorld said that they didn’t care what people said, they were going to proceed with their plans for larger enclosures, etc. Big damned deal, like that will rectify all of the vile things that they have done, all in the name of the almighty dollar. I’ll bet that they will care if they spend some of that cash that they have raked in, only to have people pass on by and not waste their time going to SeaWorld ever again. If people stuck together and backed up what they say by not going there again, there would truly be changes made, sadly, too many people are quick to gripe but they won’t back up there anger.

Far too many species have been eliminated from existence solely because of man, the killing, trapping, and using has to be stopped. I wish that people would ban together to stop Canadians from senselessly slaughtering countless baby seals, that they would stop the massacres on Faroe Islands, entire families, babies, pregnant females, every last one they herd in and butcher them! These useless morons call themselves civilized people, food for thought though, it is said that if a person will kill any innocent animal like that, they too are more than capable of violence and killing of human beings also! The Asians murdering countless whales and claiming it’s in the name of science, if we continue to witness such things and do nothing, we are all guilty and just as low as these people are! We need to ban together and demand changes be made, its a problem that affects all of us and one that will affect the future generations the most.

Stop the trapping, stop the massacres, stop wiping out species regardless of why it’s supposedly being done. It does not justify it, by any means but at least SeaWorld is allowing these beautiful creatures to live, if they were to let all of them go then we would have to worry about those asses in the Faroe islands getting their paws on them and the Asians murdering them along the way! More to come on those issues! Take a stand and demand change, don’t sit by idly and do nothing, there is safety in numbers and change too.


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Posted by on August 16, 2014 in All Things Animals, Politics