Networks Creating Divas

25 Aug

It is no wonder so many networks are passed by and scorned by so many could be viewers all because they are so clueless that no one has any respect for them, and especially the so called actresses that appear in the shows they air. Many of those same shows aren’t worth the time they take to film, or aren’t interesting enough to watch, strictly due to the choice of actors that are cast in them.

We’ve all seen it: that predictable, ridiculous, greedy as they get, over-inflated ego syndrome that these actors all are infected with after one season of a show after the network says it’s a smash hit. Look at Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, for example. The girl isn’t a great actress, was known by most to have only been in Charmed long ago, and yet they cast her in The Big Bang Theory and suddenly she believes that she’s the invaluable “big star” of the whole show. This girl – who was lucky enough to be cast in anything at all – stomped in and insisted that she was worth a million bucks, for… What was it now…. An episode? What is more ludicrous and asinine you ask? That’s easy. Anyone who would actually entertain the idea of paying that out to any actress, let alone a girl that just flat out isn’t worth half of that salary! More disgusting and unfair is when the others in a cast are not paid on an equal scale. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you certainly don’t pay the most replaceable the most money and the least replaceable the least money! The truth is that every actor/actress is replaceable, no matter who they are, period!

BRAVO is another network that is notorious for the same nonsense, creating little monster divas and then caving in to all of their childish demands. The RHONJ made changes for this season’s show, proceeding without Caroline and Jacqueline and allowing Teresa to remain, while adding a few duds to the mix. But Dina? Really? It has certainly been reported enough that Dina demanded that Jacqueline be fired or she wouldn’t return! Why they’d ever allow Dina to be part of the show is baffling in itself, as the truth is that she just isn’t interesting and no one cares to hear her classless mouth carry on about changing her tampon and how women can bleed so much without dying! BRAVO always creates big headed diva wannabes and is dumb enough to indulge their demands!

Furthering the topic of BRAVO’s Frankenstein’s Monster creations, Nene Leakes is probably the biggest example, the pretend star who so many others have never even heard of. After she’s given a bit part on a show, suddenly she believes that she’s Angelina Jolie! The networks are to blame and the networks need to squash the nonsense now to set examples that you appreciate the opportunities you’ve been given and stop with the hand out always trying to grub more. Make it a zero tolerance issue!


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