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Ariana and Frankie: “Grande” Egos

Big Brother isn’t exactly a smash hit show, but I’m assuming that it at least holds its own with the viewer draw. Up until this latest season of Big Brother, I had never heard of an Ariana Grande nor had anyone I know, and I had never heard of her brother Frankie either in spite of him stating that he’s a ‘YouTube celebrity’. After Big Brother aired for weeks, all of a sudden this girl Ariana has been plastered all over the place and some geniuses allowed her to host a bunch of shows? Have so many different television and radio shows become so desperate as to take a not-so-well known kid that has become at least “heard of” due to Big Brother, and allow her to host anything? Must be!

Even more recently we see reports that little Miss Ariana Grande is growing up to be quite the diva, forbidding Mariah Carey’s name to be spoken around her – just who does this little kid think she is anyway, Lady Gaga? Puh, not even close, Honey. I might understand the girl being such a monster if she were well known or had a cartload of hits, but that just isn’t even close to being the case. She should be on her knees thanking Big Brother for bringing her some attention, albeit negative due to her brother.

We’ve all heard of guilt by association, and whether it’s right or wrong, it does hold some merit – face it, to be raised with someone in the same environment all of your life means that many of the same traits are shared, period! Ariana’s brother Frankie is an embarrassment to all homosexuals and is exactly the type that makes some people have a problem with gays in general. His behavior is disgusting. The ignorant boy stated that being a lesbian is a choice, but that that isn’t the case for gay males. On Big Brother Frankie suggested that two male contestants team up and take another house guest’s virginity! This self proclaimed huge celebrity has done nothing but show what an ass he truly is and peddle attention for his sister, who it seems definitely needed it!

On a final note, Big Brother themselves should be ashamed for allowing Frankie Grande to be a part of the Big Brother cast. While the others in the house actually need the money, that clown is playing for charity. Now there’s nothing wrong with donating money to charity, and it’s, in fact, a good thing to do; however, there are other shows and contests that are specifically played for charity, and this show wasn’t believed to be one of them. It seems that the only reason that Frankie wanted to be part of this show was to gain fame and attention for himself and his sister Ariana, and he has certainly succeeded, but most of the attention that I have seen for the two of them is negative fallout and a bunch of opportunities for his sister. It’s pretty pathetic when you have to turn to your brother, who is an ass, to gain recognition for yourself.

I can’t help but wonder what the parents of Ariana and Frankie are thinking, as it must be so embarrassing, unless of course this is how they raised the two of them. A stinking little diva wannabe and an ignorant, absurd little clown that is giving gay boys everywhere a bad name. It is surreal to see this Frankie character behave, or should I say, not know what is appropriate behavior. If he can’t behave in a house locked up with a dozen or so other people, where others are prohibited from entering, I’d hate to think of how he acts out in society. We’ve seen how his sister acts and that’s bad enough, but between the two of them, ugh, I don’t know how anyone could want to bother with either one of them, and sincerely hope that it does not reflect so poorly on other family members after all of this that others shun them.

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