A Death In Your Family, Hate And Greed

15 Oct

One of my loved ones is going through an extremely difficult, dark, tragic time right now and I find myself in dire need of reader input, I don’t really know if my opinions are unbiased and fair in this case, as I went through something very similar several years ago. I welcome any comments, any brutally honest input that any of you have, if you too have ever gone through a similar circumstance then you know exactly why it’s a hard situation to offer any advice or guidance on.

I will be as brief as possible, while trying to include all of the pertinent facts, even though the story is a long one. A couple has four grown children and while they divorced many years ago, their property was never settled, both the man and the woman always believed that if one of them died, the other one would inherit their half of their property. Sadly, the man passes away without a will so the majority of the children had to vote for which of them would be in charge of the estate, the younger of the two daughters was in charge and the four learned that each of them owned one eighth of the parents property (1/4 of their dads half ). The mother, in her seventies, had to go and take out a loan to pay off two of the four children, the oldest (daughter) and the youngest (son), for their share of the property. The younger daughter in charge and the oldest son gave their shares to their mother, forfeiting the six thousand five hundred dollars each. The daughter in charge, Emma, tried to do right by her mother throughout the ordeal, because her mother had always wanted to live in the house without having to worry about her ex selling it, Emma was led to believe that her mother always wanted to live out her golden years in the house that she claimed to so love.

Of the four children, the youngest, Jim treated the mother the worst, even going into court to try and sabotage the hearing to settle the real estate, shoving his mother and completely ignoring her when she tried to ask him why he didn’t want her to have her house. He started out using his two children as a tool to get his mother to do what he wanted, which was always to get her house and property out of her, be it for her to give it to him and his wife, sell it to them, co-sign a loan, whatever it took, he wanted her house. When using the kids didn’t work, he began coming back around pretending to care, but never enough to give back the money that he made her pay to buy the house! After the real estate was settled, the mother, Doris, suddenly claimed that she couldn’t keep up the house any longer, she knew that of all of her children, Emma was the one that her ex worried about most and she was the one who needed a home.

Currently, Doris offered the youngest son Jim the house, knowing that it would destroy Emma, who was the catalyst to her getting her property and the one who always tried to take care of her as best she could. When Doris was asked how she could do that after how rotten Jim acted to her and how he made her pay him for the property, her reply was that Jim said that he didn’t know that he took the money from her for the property! Emma states that Doris has played favorites with Jim all of her life, he is the baby and feels entitled to everything, he doesn’t believe that one should have to actually work for what they get, his mom owns a house and he owns a trailer but since she has a house and he never made it a priority to buy one himself, she should allow him to have hers. Emma said that she’d rather see it sold to a stranger than for him to get it.

Emma says that she has shared her feelings with her mother and that as always, her mother thinks more of what Jim feels, she has said right along that she sees Doris put away in the coming years after doing the deal, everyone knows that Jim has no real use for her, that he only wants her property. Please share your thoughts with me on this, I feel that Emma is again getting the short end of the stick, that she’s right about her mother having always wanted sons and not daughters and that she’s still favoring her baby.

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